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  1. rk683

    221g Yellow slip in Toronto July'14

    Congratulations Thiru. When you receive your passport it will have a date in the annotation section - clearance received or something like that. Could you post what the date is? It seems a bunch of people got clearance on 17th Jul. Just want to check if you're in that batch too.
  2. rk683

    Calling Toronto H1-B July stamps

    Sorry to hear it worker123, what does the white paper state? Visa refusal? Provide more documents? Did the visa officer request any documents? If you want to find out for sure, you can email TRTNIV@state.gov and ask for an update on your case They may reply with an email that states 221g in it. I've also seen that in some cases the CEAC site shows admin processing while the passport is being stamped and hasn't been handed off to loomis. Hope its something as simple as that. Hope to hear more from you.
  3. psr, I would keep an eye on this worldwise passport/visa system outage. It happened over the weekend, and seems like it may affect visa stamps. There is another post on this forum from mexico stating that several people are waiting for passports from interviews conducted this week. Saw another post where people who had interviewed in Vancouver also reported not getting their visa's back. It will take the state dep/consulates some time to fix the problem, and then work through the backlog of visa stamps. Prior to Aug 13th may be too optimistic. This is my 2 cents based on what I've seen in the news and what some people are beginning to post on the forums. -rk
  4. I applied online, & I had my passport with visa back in about 3 weeks.
  5. Hello all, Looking to reach out to others who's visa, specifically H1B may be pending administrative processing. I've been waiting nearly 3 weeks at this point. Interviewed in Toronto and was given a yellow slip with batch # on it. I'm in touch with a few others who are stuck in Toronto as well. Please reply to this forum so we can share information/experiences. Thanks
  6. rk683

    221g Yellow slip in Toronto July'14

    Hey everyone, any updates on any of your cases? Wishing you guys the best.
  7. rk683

    221g Yellow slip in Toronto July'14

    StuckinTO and Thiru3029 - have you or employer tried to contact the embassy for updates? Either by phone or in-person?
  8. Call the embassy - don't have the # handy. But they will schedule you at an appointment much faster than the online service.
  9. rk683

    221g Yellow slip in Toronto July'14

    Guys! Sorry about posting and then not replying! For whatever reason, I never saw my post appear in my profile or on the forums. Found this by following my profile visitors. Nilzz - I sent you an email as well. Congratulations on getting your visa. How long did you have to wait? Did you also have the yellow slip with batch # on it? StuckinTO - I'm so sorry to hear it's been a month for you! did they give you yellow slip with batch #? Did they mention a timeline? In my case VO said it could take upto a Month. Thiru302 - Are you still waiting? Did you get a yellow slip with batch # Mkr@123 - Are you still waiting as well? Did you get a yellow slip with batch # Emailed you as well. I've updated my profile to include my email address. Feel free to email me there., My post above was quick and dirty because the more detailed one i typed up earlier was lost. To add more details to my case - I got my Masters here in Electrical Engineering. I went to work for my employer as direct employer right after graduating, and have worked with them ever since. Never been a contractor or anything of the like. I'm in my 5th year of H1B but have a valid I797 into my 7th year as my employer filed an amendment earlier this year and requested extra time based on the fact that they had filed my PERM . At the visa interview - I was asked lots of questions about my job, and asked for my Resume. Visa officer indicated it needed more admin processing. Gave me yellow 221g with batch number on it. I sent it out next day, received automated email in minutes. On Monday i received an email from trtniv that thanked me for the information. I've contacted my lawyers and they've made an enquiry with the embassy but haven't received anything more enlighteting than I have. They will try again this week. I read on the forums earlier that one can ask for updates at the counter outside the embassy. Has anyone tried this? If you get in touch by email. I will be happy to share my phone# so we can talk. Thanks!
  10. I appeared for my 2'nd H1B stamping in Toronto on the 2'nd of July and was given a yellow slip with batchnumber on it. The VO said it would take a month for the admin processing to be completed. I was asked to provide a Resume which I did the next day. Unfortunately due to the long weekend, I don't expect to hear anything except for the automated response. Anyone in the same boat?