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  1. Hi Anjanan,

    I have received 212(a)(6)(C)(i) on 04-Jan-2019. I applied waiver but, got rejected. Have you got thru this? I need to know when can i avail ground permission to appear visa interview.

    Please advise. thank you so much in advance.

  2. anjanan

    Lottery pick-- sevis active

    Tnx Rahul...
  3. anjanan

    Lottery pick-- sevis active

    Hi, My friends employer is saying his application is picked up in lottery but when calls his uni they said there is no update for them and sevis help line people also said status is active. Is there any way to confirm what employer is saying. Thanks in advance
  4. anjanan

    Query for H1b Stamping in India

    don't give assumptions. The answers are specific to the case wise. Is your an in-house project. If so how client manager assigns you the work. So if you work at your employer location, it should be some one who assigns you tasks daily and tasks mean daily assignments or responsibilities of you for that project.
  5. Hi Vknalla, You can travel to India. I did travel start of this year. I didn't get any issue. Also take suggestions from Sr forum members as well...
  6. anjanan

    Got Administrative processing

    Hi Harish.. I'm also in the same boat that of you. Please post ur updates.
  7. can you please share US customer service number. is it same as 7035202239. Also is india number same as the one from ustraveldocs site
  8. https://ceac.state.gov
  9. anjanan

    Urgent help needed guys

    Guys please provide some suggestions on this..
  10. anjanan

    Urgent help needed guys

    Hi.. I went to stamping in India on may 6th, 2014, I was still an employee for ABC employer by then but I got 221g and finally refused saying "documents submitted are not sufficient to support the petitiion. Today I went for stamping on a fresh petition, new employer and with EC model. The interview started going good, gave the client letter and the information VO asked me. But all of a sudden VO told me there is some fraud in my record which I never knew till now. VO said I don't have employment with ABC at the time I attended for interview first time. Even my experience letter from ABC company says that I was working for them on may 6th 2014. what are my next steps. Now they took my I797b, petition, passport, my new employer-Client agreement, client letter and issued me 221g. thanks for your valuable time.
  11. anjanan

    DS160 doubts -- Need help

    1. Person/Entity Paying for Your Trip -Under Travel Information section I opted self for my application as I'm paying my ticket fee. 2. Primary Occupation: I am currently in one of the Software Tool (Oracle ERP System) so which option do I Need to select? ( can I select :Computer System ) Computer System 4. Under Temporary Work Visa Information : where do you Intent to Work? Need Ans: employer will be your employer and location will be where you are going to work. please check in LCA filed.
  12. anjanan

    Pls clarify.!!..!!

    1.If consulate center is not changed, the you doesn't need to change DS160. 3.You can do that and new DS160 confirmation number should be used. DS160 number should be the one specific to consulate center and the one you are about to carry to interview. 2.try giving your DS160 confirmation number in DS160 website.
  13. anjanan

    H1B stamping

    Thanks Jairichi.
  14. anjanan

    H1B stamping

    Hi seniors/friends, i have all the documents required for my stamping. I'm in India. My case is EC model. I am a new joinee. 1. Does I need to carry project documentation for h1b interview. This is the only document I don't have as I didn't join the project yet. Please help me asap.
  15. Karthik, do you have any certifications related to your job or technology...