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  1. babypen

    Procurring duplicate I797

    Hello, My I-140 was approved and the company attorney (at that time) sent me a copy I-797C, Notice of Action. However, he never sent the official notice (I-797) over to me, he was authorized by the company to hold all the original documents. Now, the company switched attorneys and the old attorney did not transfer the original documents to the new attorney, basically the company does not have the original document(I-797). I am writing this post seeking for guidance on how I can procure a duplicate copy of approved I797 using the copy I797C that I have. Any advice or suggestions on the process are much appreciated.
  2. Hello, Can any one clarify which site should be followed for accuracy on case updates. Traditionally, I used https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do to get an update on my case once my lawyer shared the WAC number with me. Recently I heard from a colleague that USCIS is no longer actively updating the above site and instead I should be looking at: https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/ for accurate updates. On hearing the above, I visited this new site, got an account created and added my case using the WAC# provided and see an update saying "Your Case has been approved" however, when I enter the WAC number in the regular egov (provided above) website, it throws an error "WAC is invalid". I reached out to my lawyer asking for an update on my case and his reply was "I have no update from USCIS yet on your case" So, which of these 2 sites should I trust ? and should I be concerned if my WAC does not show-up on the regular egov website ? Note: I have applied for extension in premium processing and the 15 calendar-day clock completed yesterday, but my lawyer still says that he did not get any update on my case from USCIS. Any suggestion on which site to rely are much appreciated as I have contradicting information showing up. Thanks !!
  3. babypen

    In leiu of NTA

    Hello, I am looking for advice and recommendations in this scenario: My current H1b petition is expiring in 30 days and my employer got the final approval to go ahead with extension. however, they are considering filing in regular processing and not in premium. At the current processing rate, by the time a decision comes thru on my case I94 would have expired, does that mean my case will be put thru NTA ? does USCIS start issuing NTA for all cases that fall under this scenario ? Does anyone see a need for me to be filing the extension in premium ? As mentioned on the top, I am looking for advice and the inputs will be very valuable. Thanks for suggestions.
  4. babypen

    Expiry date on H1B

    Hello, The expiry date on a I797 petition gives the validity of the petition till end of the day right ? Example: If the expiry date is July 31st, 2018, does it mean that the petition is valid till July 31st, 2018 11:59 PM ?
  5. Hello, I would like some inputs on the below; I have entered US when I94 was still paper and stapled in passport. After entering us I had my H1B petition and a new I797 was issued which extend my allowed to stay date on the new petition however my paper I94 still shows the date from my previous petition which has expired. I recently out of curiosity checked my I94 information on the online I94 CBP portal and to my surprise I found that the information that I see online is equivalent to what is in my paper I94 and not what is on my new I797 petition, the travel history also is incorrect on the online system. I would like to know if I need to be concerned or not ? and if I wish to get the information corrected how should I do that. The online I94 system where I am checking is: https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/request.html Any suggestion on this issue are highly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. babypen

    Copy of Approved I-140 under FOIA

    Hello, Can some one tell me if I can use the FOIA and claim a copy of the approved I-140 which is under my previous eomployer. I had my I-140 approved under my previous employer and was just waiting for my PD to be come current, in the mean time I had better opportunity and moved to another job. My previous I-140 is not revoked and I have my perm LC approved under my new employer name. I would like to retain my PD from my initial perm application and would like to know what should I do and how should I get a copy of it. I have the case number of my perm LC A#XXXXX is that sufficient to get my I-140 approved copy. I DO NOT have the I-140 application receipt number. Any suggestions, sure I am definitely not the first person in this scenario. Google on the topic of "Approved I-140 Copy" tells a lot of stories of reclaiming the I-140 approval thru FOIA [G-639]. Does any one have detailed steps of all that needs to be done and how much time would it take.