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  1. prats1988

    O1 VISA requirements

    Thank your for your words of advice. I am aware that I am eligible for the same. Chess players do get O1 visa. I know a few who have got. That is why, I wanted to ask about the details for the same. Regards, Pratik
  2. prats1988

    O1 VISA requirements

    Hi, I wanted to know about minimum salary requirements. I went through that website but I find it very difficult details. to understand these. Regards, Pratik
  3. prats1988

    O1 VISA requirements

    Hi, I am a international chess player with national and international credentials. I am also a international chess coach with 4 years coaching experience. I just wanted to ask you if it is possible for me know the requirements for O1 visa. I a currently doing Phd in US and plan to do post-doc. MyPhs is 6ish years and i am in my first year. I really liked this country and wanted to know how can I use my chess credentials to settle here. All advice and suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. I received my passport today, exactly one month after submitting documents. But, there is still one small confusion. My I-20 says I have 58 months for college. but VISA says just 4 years. So, it is possible for me to apply for VISA extension. IF yes, how can I do so. or if it is not possible, what should I do now. I cannot go to the university without full VISA. please clear my doubt on this one.
  5. good news! i got call for sending my passport. to the American consulate. Here is the summary of my VISA procedure 12 june: OFC 13 June: interview/221 G letter 19 June: first email 20 june: email from embassy for more corrections 24 June: second mail (with full resume) 24 June: third mail (with short resume) 17 July: Call for passport 18 july: Documents submitted to embassy. I am waiting for my passport. the status says it is still with the post. :) cheers! just have patience and pray GOD. Everything would work fine.
  6. Do you advise me to call the embassy and ask if they have received my documents. If yes, where can I get the number to call. I have seen on t
  7. Ok. Thank you for your words of advice. I would be grateful if you I get my Visa.
  8. Yes, my program is under TAL. So, which of two is correct. Can I keep two CV or not. Will my VISA be denied because of the two CVs or not
  9. My interview details: First, my details: 2011: Univ of new haven : no funding : mol. and cell. biology : Two VISA interviews and both rejected. 2014: Ohio university. Phd: mol and cell bio. full funding GRE (3 attempts: 1290 – 800 Quants: 490 : verbal and 3.5 AWA) TOEFL : 99 (R-24, L – 25, SP – 27, W-23) I had my visa interview on 13 june. It was at 11 AM. I reached at 10:30. I had to wait till about 11:10 and I was called. Almost everyone was getting visa today. The counter next to me had given visa to almost 7-8 people in a row. I wanted that counter but the guy sent me to next one. This guy was 40ish and was asking questions. He even rejected a few candidates before me. VO: Please come forward Me : Good morning, sir. How are you? VO: (did not reply). So, Ohio University? Me: Yes, sir, Ohio University. VO: Which course? Me: Doctoral program in Molecular and cellular biology. VO: did you do your masters before this? Me: Yes, sir. I have completed my masters from Teesside university in 2011 from united kingdom. VO: which course? Me: Masters in biotechnology (err….) Masters of science in Biotechnology. VO:(looks at my I-20). So, you have full funding with teaching assitantship. Me: Yes, It would cover all my tuition, housing and living expenses. VO: Please take form (hands me over 221(g) form). Asks me to send the required documents via mail.
  10. Hi, Sorry but I actually have two contrasting answers here. Each one contradicts the other one in some or the other way. Rahul412 A genuine person will have only ONE CV. That depends on that visa officer. As per US law, hiding the information during interview is against immigration law Jairichi Do not worry. It is OK to have an academic CV (detailed one) and a short normal resume. Please tell me what is the correct procedure. @Rahul412 Please can you tell me why would that VISA officer check my documents. He did not ask me for my documents during the interview. I am really getting worried now. Thinking to start applying to germany and Europe.
  11. Thank you, Jairachi (sir/mam?). If everything is normal as you said, in how much should I expect a call for my passport. You see, Interview: 13 June First time documentation and mail: 19 June Reply from mumbat tech: 20 June Second time documentation (academic CV): 24 June Third time mail (CV used in first time documentation): 24 June Please tell when can I expect the call for my passport? Tentative date....
  12. Hi, But now that I have made the mistake, what to do. i already have mailed again with my old CV. i did not skip anything speacil in both the CV. the only difference was the internship and some additional lab techniques, paper presentations and other. Would it really matter that they would rescind my VISA for this.
  13. Hi, I appeared for my F1 VISA interview on 13 June 2014. I received a 221(G) slip asking for documents. On 19 June, I submitted the documents. i received the following reply, the next morning on 20 June. 1) An invitation letter (a letter from the person/organization inviting you to U.S which must include: name, address, purpose, contact information, signature of the concerned person/signatory) in .PDF format, i got my invitation letter signed from my university official but there is a small mistake I committed. I have had two formats for my resume. My Indian CV is little longer 4 pages but US(the one which I sent in my previous mail to consulate was smaller - 2 pages). I sent the longer CV this time. It does not contain my bank balance certificate (although, I have full funding for my Phd program). It also contains description of a small three moth internship, I did during my bachelors 3rd year. I had not mentioned this my previous CV as it would take more space. I did not mention it in my DS-160 also. I have sent the reply today morning 7 AM IST. I just want to know should i resend the mail with my (2 page) US CV and invitation letter or let it as it is. the consulate even called the Indian contact I mentioned on my DS-160 so I am really worried and scared now that they would check each and every letter on my CV (may even compare the two)and may even think that I am trying to hide something from them. Please reply asap. The deadline to reach my univ is August 14, so it is just 50 days away.