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  1. Hi, I have H1B VISA STAMPING INTERVIEW IN QUEBEC CITY ON 28TH OF AUGUST. If anyone is travelling around the same time please contact me. -Thanks, Sudip
  2. 1Masketier

    Passport pick up at Ottawa, Canada

    Hi Obelix, dude I have my visa interview on December 12th. Getting little scared hearing all these delay news. It looks like you got yours in time.
  3. Hi Guys, can you please let me know how your visa interview was and if you have got your visa in hand? I have my interview on 12th December. I am hearing news that they are taking long time to issue the Visa. Please let me know if you have any information. I will really appreciate... Thanks.
  4. Hi, I have H1B visa stamping interview on December 12th of this year. I will travel to Canada on 10th of December. If anybody have interview during the same time please reply back. We can share accommodation. Thanks, Sudip
  5. 1Masketier

    Calgary visa interview during Oct 1 st week

    Vish121, I have my interview on October 6th at Calgary too. and I had my earlier stamping done from the same location. Please let me know if you would like to share accommodation. How can I share you my contact?
  6. Hi, I have H1B visa interview at Calgary, Canada on 6th of October. If anyone has same schedule, please contact me. Take care.
  7. Hi, I have H1B visa stamping interview date fixed for October 6th, 2016 in Quebec City, Canada. If anyone has almost the same schedule please contact me at ***************@yahoo.com. Thanks, Sudipta
  8. 1Masketier

    H1 Stamping Calgary August24th

    Hi Can you please let me know in details about your situation? I am also planning to travel to Calgary, Canada. I had it stamped last time from there two years ago. I have to travel again for the stamping. When is your interview date? Is any interview slots available for August? Please email me at **************@gmail.com Sudipta
  9. Hi, I have visa interview on October 7th. I am travelling to Cagary, Canada on October 5th or 6th.If anybody knows any cheap place for accomodation, please let me know. I would like to share accomodation. Thanks.
  10. 1Masketier

    Calgary, Canada Where to stay?

    Travelling to Calgary for visa interview, October 5th to 10th. If anyone has interview during the same time, please reply. I would like to share accomodation. Thanks.