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  1. Thanks for your comments.
  2. Thanks JoeF. But my attorney is saying having different designations can be a problem to file in EB2 because in the job requirement,she need to put more than 2 job designations. Not sure if I need to go with her or try another.
  3. Hello Members, Anybody having the idea of rules for EB2 with respect to Designation names,please help me in clearing the doubt. Thanks.
  4. Hi, My company is planning to start the GC Process for me for SSE position in EB2. But there is a concern relating to my past designation names.Please help in clearing this doubt. I was having 7+ years experience prior to joining my current company. My work Experience with my past 4 employers were 1)Designation A-- Worked for 2 Years for Company A 2)Designation B.--Worked for 2 years for Company B. 3)Designation C--Worked for 2 years for Company C. 4)Designation D--Worked for 1 year 9 months for Company D Out of the above mentioned designations,except Designation C,others are SSE or equivalent to SSE Level like Technology Analyst. Now,to cover 5 years or more of experience for filing in EB2,at least 3 companies needs to considered for me,which means 3 different designation names. Question Is it recommendable to file mine in EB2 for SSE position, considering 3 different past designation names(though all of them of SSE role) to take 5 years or more of experience. Lawyer is little concerned to put the requirement as 3 different designations to match my profile. Please help in clearing this as I don't want to file in EB3 category unnecessarily after having this much years of experience. Thanks In Advance.