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  1. Hi, I have a question regarding I140 and I485 concurrent filing for Physical Therapists. I’m from India, have a DPT (doctor of Physical Therapy) degree and am currently working on my H-1B. I’m considering accepting another PT position and the employer is willing to file my GC (Schedule A). Per the employer, they could file for both I140 and I485 concurrently. I was wondering if the PD is current for Physical therapists or it is based on the country of birth (like for all the other professions, wait to file for I485 when PD is current)? Thank you for your help in advance!
  2. pt279

    Apply for SSN before October 1st

    Thank you again! I appreciate your advice and understand your perspective too. I do not want to waste anybody's time but to save 3 months of my career after October. If this was possible, it could be very helpful in my case. I'm just exploring some options so that I can be productive and don't have to sit at home even after getting valid work status.
  3. pt279

    Apply for SSN before October 1st

    Thank you so much! I think I will definitely give it a try and it wouldn't hurt either. I wouldn't be worried if it would have been a matter of a few days. But the whole process- applying for SSN and license takes about 3 months in total.
  4. pt279

    Apply for SSN before October 1st

    So, does that mean I have to be paid by my employer (from October) even if my license application is under process with the board? Also, does this rule apply if the offer letter says that my joining date will be say 10/3/2015 pending H1B receipt and state licensure? Thank you for your help and look forward to your reply!
  5. pt279

    Apply for SSN before October 1st

    Thank you for your replies! I am a Physical Therapist by profession and in order to apply for my license, I need SSN. If I am able to apply for SSN only after October 1st, how can I start working from then? What happens to my status if I cannot work (won't have a valid license) from Oct 1? I have tried finding answers but haven't found a satisfactory one. Please advise.
  6. Hello, I am on H4 visa currently. My employer had applied for a fresh H1 this April and fortunately I have been picked. I am still waiting for a decision from USCIS. My question is- Can I apply for SSN once I get my approval notice or I have to wait until October 1st (when H1B becomes valid)? Thank you for your help in advance!
  7. Hi, I believe it all depends on the jurisdiction and you would require a Type 1 now. Do you have a Masters or DPT degree from CAPTE accredited program? If you do, TOEFL is generally waived. But, there are exceptions to that too. You can find the related information on the credentialing agency you are using. Hope this helps ! Best.
  8. pt279

    H1B Cap Updates

    Any updates on Non-AD/PP/CA receipts? I haven't heard anything on my application yet. Does this mean I am not selected in the lottery or I should still wait until 4/27? Thank you !
  9. Hello, I am currently on H4 visa and have my H1B filed this April 1st. I understand that if my petition gets picked in the lottery, it's an independent visa for me effective Oct 1st. My husband has a recent new job offer and we are thinking on taking it. So, my question is- If my husband changes his job before any decision is made on my case (being picked or pending decision), would it have any effect on my case? I am curious to know as I was asked to submit my husband's I-797 and recent pay stubs so as to prove that he is maintaining his H1B status and I do not want to take any risk with my petition. Thanks and appreciate your advice in advance !
  10. pt279

    Multiple H1Bs

    Hi, I have 2 offer letters from 2 different employers. Both the employers are ready to file H1B for me. I have a few questions based on this. 1. Is it legal to have more than 1 H1Bs filed for a person? 2. Does this situation increase my chance of getting selected in lottery? 3. Hypothetically, what happens if both of my applications gets picked up in lottery? Thanks in advance !
  11. pt279

    Cap exempt H1B visa

    Thank you for your feedback ! I am in CA. In order to get CA state license for PT, I need SSN. After H1B approval, I can apply for my license, but have to work as PT license applicant (PTLA) for nine months first. Now, my question is- How will they apply for my H1B (as a PTLA or PT)? Also, how much does it cost in total to file non-cap H1B? Appreciate your response !
  12. pt279

    Cap exempt H1B visa

    Hello, I am a Physical Therapist and currently on H4 visa. I recently got a job offer from a hospital which is a non-profit organization. They are ready to sponsor my H1B visa. I had a question regarding filing of this visa. Can they file non-cap H1B visa for me (hospital being non-profit) or do I have to wait until next April ? Thanks in advance !
  13. Thanks for your response ! This transitional course at every university in the US has about 25 credits and the course runs for 1.5-2 years. The school I am looking to join does give out I-20 for this particular course.The fact that they give out I-20 means they allow international students to attend this couse. Given that an international student coming to the US on an F-1 visa would not have any other job, there has to be a way for them to maintain full-time status for this course. My understanding is that 9 credits per semester are required to maintain full-time status. This school has three trimesters a year, with 4-6 credits each trimester, which would make my tally to 15 credits a year. That is just 3 credits less than what is required. Can I maintain full-time status if I take 15 credits per year? If I can, when do I become eligible for CPT/OPT? I would not need to post these questions here if the DSO knew how this worked, but strangely, they don't. The international office is trying to find this out too. Unfortunately, most hospitals which offer volunteering need SSN to even begin the process of hiring you. And since I don't have it, that's not an option for me. I have looked around but couldn't find any non-cap H-1B providers. If you know any, please let me know. It would be really helpful.
  14. Yes, this course is offered to physical therapists who are already licensed in USA, and are working. It is mostly online with few credits to be taken at the university. Hence, it allows flexibility. But since I am on H-4 visa and have a PT license for a couple states in the US, there's no need for me to enrol in entry-level DPT. I want to change my status to F-1 so that I can at least go out of my house - maybe, work on campus for some time and then gain valuable experience at a hospital on CPT, before eventually working full-time. So, the question is, for such a course, can I get a student visa, and then maintain my full-time status? This is what I found on the APTA website: Postprofessional PT education programs are not accredited by CAPTE, which accredits only professional (entry-level) programs. In most cases, quality is ensured, however, by the facts that rigorous standards are applied to higher-education institutions by regional accrediting agencies, and by CAPTE to professional (entry-level) programs that offer postprofessional DPT programs. The vast majority of postprofessional DPT programs are located at institutions of higher education that have professional (entry-level) DPT programs that are CAPTE accredited, and at which regional accreditation of graduate programs is recognized by the US Department of Education (USDE) or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).
  15. Hi, I am a foreign trained Physical Therapist. I am on H4 right now and intend to go on F1. I am considering taking transitional ( post-professional) Doctor of PT course in a university. It is a 1.5-2 yr course with fall,spring and summer trimesters. Whole course needs me to complete 25 credits with a fixed curriculum and 4-6 credits to be taken every trimester. I have a few questions: 1. Which one of these is better- go for F1 stamping (at a consulate in home country) or COS? How long does it take for COS? 2. Can I maintain an international full-time student status on F-1 visa if I just take 4-6 credits (depending on what is offered and what I am required to take) a trimester? I am aware that in most graduate programs there's a requirement for an international student to take at least 9 credits per semester to maintain full-time status.(This being a post-professional course) 3. How is the CPT eligibility counted in a trimester system? If I take admission on H4 and then file COS, does the period of study on H4 count towards CPT eligibility requirement of one academic year at a SEVIS school in USA considering the fact, it is going to be a continued education( no breaks between H4 and F1) ? Thanks in advance.