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  1. Hi Kittusunny, yes, you go to the us consulate (downtown) and show them the email which says you can pick up your passport (there is a passport number for reference) and the greeters have the passport right there, you dont even have to go to 20th floor. Please email them and explain your situation. Good luck!
  2. Everyone, Another update: My status was showing 'Ready' (as in Ready for Interview, finger printing) in the CEAC website from July 24th (interview date) and i emailed Vancouver consulate yesterday (30th, this was my 2nd email to them explaining my situation) and today morning (31st) i got an email stating that Visa is approved and i can pick up my passport from the consulate directly to save time. thanks!
  3. raj0017, I had my interview on 24th July and i received my passport from the consulate office today - 31st. Please send them an email explaining your situation. Good luck!
  4. Swatina, I had my interview on July 24th and waiting in Vancouver to receive the passport. As i have to extend my stay, I'm looking to share accommodation with a female next week (possibly near Richmond as Loomis is closeby). Please contact me at ************@gmail.com if you are willing to share/talk about options.Thanks!
  5. I had my interview on July 24th and the officer said she has computer issues and cannot issue the visa on the same day. but asked me to track the status through Loomis. Looks like we all have to wait for a couple of more days to get the passport.
  6. Hi, Any luck with the waybill # or passport? This is my situation - I had my interview today - July 24th (10 AM) slot and after couple of interview questions, the VO said because of some computer issues, she cannot issue my visa right now and will try to issue it later in the day, She handed over the CSC/Loomis information and asked me to check with them. she also said if all information provided was correct, i shouldnt have any issues in getting the visa. Also,when i was waiting in the line, the security checked my DS160 & she said these days H1B takes about 10 days... Not sure how true this information is.
  7. Thank you both. @ July2014_Jmca - I'm working from my Home office which is different from the headqusters location. But in my I129, there is a mention of this home address and that i am a remote employee. I also have the Company's Remote employee manual just in case for the VO.
  8. Hi Sumo, I am Full time employee and work for many of my Company's Health Insurance clients. I am a work from home employee and my LCA has my Home address as my Work location. I don't have a client letter and my company is providing an Employee Verification Letter. If there is a question related to who is my End client, should i say i dont have an End client and work for my Company as a direct Employee? What are your thoughts? Thanks!
  9. Hi, I am a Remote and Full time employee working for this Company in U.S. I wanted to know if a client letter is required if you are a full time employee? I work for multiple clients for my Employer but my LCA mentions Home address as my work address and also has the Employer's address as the Headquarters. But, in my roles and responsibilities, there is a mention of 'providing walk through to the clients'. I have the Employer verification letter that describes my role, salary and date of joining. So, if a questions is asked about my Client letter or if i have an end client, what would be an ideal response?
  10. rtye

    Appointment Dates in Canada US Embassy?

    Hi, Vancouver , Canada
  11. rtye

    Appointment Dates in Canada US Embassy?

    I was also searching for an appointment in the month of July/August and this is how i found one. I kept checking the website constantly from June 12th Noon till Evening around 8 PM and i was able to see many that opened up. But keep in mind, they get booked really really fast. Few dates i found were Oct 7th, Sep 16, Sep 19, June 19. Finally i found one this morning for July 24. But, you got to keep navigating back and forth so the pages keep refreshing to see the latest dates. Good Luck!
  12. Hi, Were you able to get an appointment in July?
  13. Based on the past experience, Is there a chance the Vancouver Appointment slots could open up between now and October? The latest slots i see now are from October End. Thanks!