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  1. Can we travel to india while H1B extension is in progress . I have valid visa and would be returning a month prior to expiry . I was wondering what would happen as my i94 would change if travelled out of country
  2. LuckyLoser

    How to enter an ongoing degree in DS 160 while on H1B

    i was in similar situation . Currently on h1 and in parallel pursuing masters as part time . in education details , i have entered my ongoing masters details and in brackets i specified in progress . It does not take future date of completion so I can current date in the field . As you are on H1 and going for H1 stamping , all details should be of employment I had dropbox last month and had no issues
  3. LuckyLoser

    H4 VISA DROP BOX DEC 28 2020 . 221g

    Interesting . Why would they need principal applicant visa . Have you submitted only ur i797 . Please keep us posted
  4. LuckyLoser

    OCI card new

    I have enrolled in clgs for new oci for my child and was able to download shipping label . I think you need to select that option when it asks list of qns when u select new oci . i am also struck with affidavit in lieu of originals . For now i got a sample in google and using that . remember ckgs contract is ending oct 31 and they accept new applications until 16 .
  5. LuckyLoser

    h4 extension rfe

    We received an rfe for h4 ext . You indicate on Form i 539 that you are requesting an extention of H4 non immigrant status to May 22 , 2022 . A search of USCIS databases does not show that your spouse has been extended to May 22 , 2022 . Please submit a copy of the approval notic ( form i 797 ) for the most recent I-129 Petition for a non immigrant worker filed on behalf of your spouse . Background : i have filed h4 extension for my wife along with my H1 . As my i94 was expiring on May 22 2019 , I have requested for h4 extension until May 22 2022 as i did not know until when my h1 gets approved . My h1 is approved until Feb 2022 now and after 3 months we got rfe for h4 . If i send the latest approval and request extendion until feb 2022 in a cover letter , would that be sufficient ? Does anyone have a reply template for thsi RFE . Thanks in advance
  6. LuckyLoser

    Help Plz.. Need Suggestions on status change

    If change of status is denied , she is still on h4 . So do not worry . If she wants to be on h1 , she has to go out of country and have h1 visa and come to US and she gets her i94 at poe
  7. if check is cashed , you can see the receipt number on the back of the check .
  8. LuckyLoser

    use present experience

    I am working as a full time employee for a client for the past 3 years and the employer has not file my PERM . My previous employer is ready to file PERM and i140 for me . Can i use the experience gained by my present company ( 3 years ) as GC is filed as future employee with my previous employer . If so , how can i provide experience letter of present company when my perm gets approved and my previous company files i140
  9. LuckyLoser

    USCIS client visit

    your second point may hurt you if you have not done amendment for your location . Have you recently applied for h1 extension ?
  10. LuckyLoser

    Notice of Intend to Revoke on my old H1

    That should be fine as tou are no longer with employer A andhe has to revoke as you are no longer working under him .
  11. LuckyLoser

    H1B status "Name was updated"

    dont worry about that status . I was also in the same boat and my h1 approved after couple of days
  12. Hello all, I have previously worked for HP which now merged with CSC and formed as a new company DXC . Now my present company is filing Green Card for me and whats to get experience letter from my previous company . Can i get it on the letterhead of DXC . I have not reached out to HP yet . What if they decline to provide me experience letter with job duties . I have experience letter with out job duties provided when i left the company Thanks
  13. I am in the same boat . H1 approved on march 23 , h4 extension is still pending
  14. LuckyLoser

    H1B Premium Processing

    only premium related to i129 are suspended and not i140 s
  15. LuckyLoser

    Approved I797B & Confused to apply for Visa Stamping

    you can continue to stay in US as long as your i94 is valid and go for stamping when you want to activate your h1b