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  1. I am working on full time employment for company X, GC started in my 5th year of H1 from company Y, labor approval is pending. Can I go 7th year H1 extension from company X using 365 days before labor filing from company Y.
  2. I am working for a company on full time which is not started my GC process yet. So I am looking for company/consultancy which has a good experience in handling Green card requests. Is there any online websites to check employer and Green card history including numbers of rejections and audits are help me to choose good consultancy/company. I know myvisajobs.com, any other links would be great helpful. Thanks in Advance.
  3. Appreciate your answers, Question 2, a. I understand that, H1 renewals can be continued with Company A after 6 years H1 tenure also where as Company-B holds I 140, please confirm.
  4. I am at 4.5 years of my H1 stay and working for company-A on full time. My employer not ready to sponsor for GC for some reason but they have a job for me. I wanted to do GC process independent of company-A. Question 1 - Can I start my GC process from Company-B while I am still working for Company-A, Company-A is holding my H1, I will be working on Company-A payroll? If Ques1 answer is yes, I have my next H1 renewal at 5.5 years (Aug, 2015). Assuming that I'll get I-140 from Company-B before apply for renewal (ie., Aug 2015) Question 2 - Can I go with H1 visa renew with Company_A providing I-140 from Company-B at my 5.5 year tenure of H1?