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  1. Yes, Ottawa has almost all of the Sep and Oct open.
  2. sharvari2014

    Need help please!

    SaiNDeepthi, As far as I know and have seen on the day of my visa interview, I know they allow kids. Along with me, there were four families with kids ranging from 2-5 years. But it is always better to confirm with the consulate that you are going to. ~ Sharvari
  3. Hello all, I was in the same place earlier this week. My visa was approved (Ottawa) on 09/05 and from then until 09/08, it stated "Ready". Sometime in the afternoon on 09/08, it changed to ''Administrative Processing". On 09/09 morning, it changed to "Issued". My waybill number came around 09/09 evening and I could collect my passport 09/10 morning. So, in short, it goes from Ready to Admin Processing to Issued. It is just matter of 3-5 business days as the VO says. Be patient and you will get your passport soon! Dont worry and try to visit Ottawa places of interest! Do watch Mosika :)
  4. sharvari2014

    Accomodation for H1 stamping in Ottawa, Oct 21?

    Hello Sdoshi, You could stay at Business Inn on McLaren St. Clean, affordable and good rooms. Near to Embassy and variety of restaurant options the entire block. Also, there is Quality Inn just in the Downtown area.
  5. Hey Himaja, I have emailed you back. Can you please check and let me know? :)
  6. Check now. Should show now. Or share your contact. I will email you.
  7. Himaja, Yes..you can find it on my profile. The forum does not allow to share email ids in the posts. :)
  8. Hello Himaja, I am also looking for female shared accommodation. Thanks.
  9. Great! Have you booked accomodations yet? (are you male/female..dont mind me askin) are you looking for sharing accomodation?
  10. Hello Himaja, My date is 5th. What about you? Have you already booked the appointment?
  11. sharvari2014

    Visa interview @ Ottawa on September 4th

    Hello Sree_ma, Are you looking for shared accommodation? If so, male/female? I have my interview same week. Please let me know! Thanks!
  12. Ottawa this morning - I can see Sept 2 is the earliest.
  13. Hello, Anyone planning for stamping in Sept 1st week at Ottawa?
  14. sharvari2014

    Successful Stamping @ Kingston, Jamaica

    SpartanKay, Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your experience and all the time you took describe it in detail!