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  1. @Jagguba Yes, received mine last Friday, May 12. Had filed on April 20.
  2. Got my receipt today, took about 22 calendar days.
  3. I don't have mine yet. I think @gautham_87 got his today.
  4. @gautham_87 Not yet. I'm waiting to confirm my start date as well, which is May 22nd. Might have to move it depending on how much delay there is in getting the receipt.
  5. @smim Oh that was quick! I think mine was at California service center too, surprised I did not receive it so far.
  6. Mine was filed on April 20, and I don't have the receipt yet. What was your filing date?
  7. I posted a very similar question. People are suggesting waiting for the actual receipt, given current uncertainties. I'm not sure what is legally required - whether the only proof that the petition was filed in time is the USCIS receipt, or does the courier receipt prove the same thing.
  8. Makes sense, thanks guys! I think I'll wait for the receipt, as I'm fine waiting 3-4 weeks before joining. Hopefully I'll get the receipt meanwhile. And I echo all your thoughts around how broken things seem to be, and how we are caught in the middle of all this.
  9. New employer applied for H1B COE regular on April 20, 2017. Haven't got the receipt yet, but I can find out if the check was cashed. I'll need to use the portability provision because there is no more premium processing. Its an established employer and a senior technical role. Question - Is it advisable to join new employer if the check is cashed, but no physical receipt yet? Its been 14 days, so I can wait another week, but beyond that I will have to make a decision.
  10. Additional question - Is receipt # required to join new employer, or is it sufficient to have proof of filing, like checks being cashed.
  11. Change of Employer filed on April 20. No receipt yet, finding out whether checks were cashed.
  12. Hi All, Update: After the above 1st petition got denied, I applied for a fresh 2nd petition. It got approved, but extension of stay was denied, saying that my 1st petition was applied 3 days after quitting my last job and that the 2nd petition was applied 5 months after that lapse in status. I am leaving immediately for visa stamping at home. My question: Will these 5 months be a problem when going for stamping? Does it also count as unlawful presence? We got the notification about the 3 days lapse only yesterday, so shouldn't that mean my unlawful presence starts now? My I-94 is valid till September 2015.
  13. Hi All, My situation: Quit Company A on 31 December 2013. Applied 1st petition for transfer with Company B on 03 Jan 2014. Got denied on 05 June 2014. Applied 2nd petition on 18 June 2014. Now, my 2nd petition got approved, but extension of stay denied. Reason given is that there was a 3 day gap between my quitting day and 1st petition, so by the time we filed the 2nd petition I was already out of status for 5 months. They forwarded it to the consulate in India. My current I-94 is valid till October 2015. I am leaving immediately to get visa stamp. My question: Will those 5 months be a problem when I go for visa stamping in the consulate? Is it considered unlawful presence?
  14. I have a similar issue and question. Had H1B with Company A, then applied for transfer and joined company B on 15 Jan 2014 after getting receipt. Received RFE on 2 Apr 2014 about Specialty Occupation and LCA identifying correct occupation. Responded on May 15 2014 with supporting documents. Applied for PP on May 28th. On June 2, saw on the site that its a denial decision. Attorney is yet to receive documents explaining why it was denied. Questions 1) Am I out of status from June 2 or from the date when documents are received? 2) Should I leave the country? I have a valid I-94 and visa stamp till Oct 2015. My attorney says depending on the reasons for denial we may be able to refile for H1B with PP and revert the status in 30 days. But I am worried that I am accruing unlawful stay. Really appreciate any help/advice in this matter. @nj29 did you receive the reasons for denial yet?