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    Travelling to US on B1 during clock reset

    Hi, I am currently in US on L1B. My spouse back in India has a L2B tied to my visa. She will be visiting me for 3 weeks in July. Since her employer's US branch is also located in the same state, she has been advised to visit the US branch for just meeting her team there. She is not getting paid for any sort of per diem. Just that a personal trip to be used for some office meeting. To avoid any visa issues, her company is processing a B1 visa so that it can enable her to visit her office for a week in US. Have two questions: 1. Can the B1 be stamped when she has a valid L2B visa? 2. If the B1 gets stamped, would the consulate cancel the L2B visa? Can B1 and L2B coexist? Please advise.