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  1. xarc123x

    Ottawa 14th, 15th or 16th

    Hi, I Need 14th, 15th or 16th September in Ottawa. I have 18th September but need to go early. Anyone planning to cancel their dates in Ottawa soon for any reason.
  2. xarc123x

    H1b Visa stamping Experience at Ottawa Sept 8th

    Hi niravpatel...did u get ur passport today?? Thanks
  3. And another thing...knowing that all you guys are going through the j1 waiver process like me...does anyone have any update on the "Conrad & physician access act of 2015"?? It's a bill scheduled to be introduced in senate titled "S.1189". Looking at it, it can be very very helpful for indian doctors like us...who will have to wait for endless years in the GC backlog after doing our waivers. Any new/update on the bill? Thanks again
  4. Hi I found the same link in indian express. I hope the moderators on murthy kindly allow me to post this link, as I am afraid not many of us are aware of it. Here is the link: http://www.newindianexpress.com/states/tamil_nadu/Skip-Rs-5L-Bond-for-Foreign-Med-Courses/2015/05/07/article2801514.ece It's an article in "indian express" dated May 7th,2015. The article doesn't say much about people who have already signed..like us...and I plan to wait to see if someone from indian government reaches out to me...rather than volunteering to pay. Please let's stay in touch. I have provided my email in previous messages. Let's keep each other posted via email or through this forum as well. Thanks.
  5. Hi...I m trying to go to ottawa to get my h1 stamped. I haven't made the payment yet...As before making the payment, it showed that the next available date in Ottawa is in november. My question is whether it will be any different regarding what one can see (dates) after making the payment?? Thanks
  6. Hey...I have been regularly checking as well. May be I missed the window when u saw the September dates in Ottawa :( Quick question - as I haven't made the payment yet...I m just seeing the first availae dates. Will it be any different than what one can see after making the payment?? Thanks
  7. xarc123x

    Ottawa date

    Anyone planning to cancel their date at Ottawa. Need date in next week if possible.
  8. Thank you for your message. But, I m looking in Ottawa. Thanks again!
  9. Does anyone know anything about how to get expedited appointment? And, is anyone planning to cancel/reschedule their appointment in Ottawa over the next 2 weeks??
  10. xarc123x

    Going to OTTAWA for H1 Stamping on September 11 2015

    Hey! I too am looking for an interview date in Sep...around the same time as you. But there are no dates till nov 2015 at this time! Was curious how long ago did u schedule this sep appointment? And, do u know anything requesting about expedited dates?
  11. Hi...I agree...Can we stay in touch? My email is elmhurstresident@gmail.com Hope the administrators can allow us to share/exchange emails!
  12. To drqrs2007 Good to know at least that there are bunch of us in this situation. I spoke to two more people recently...who are also saying that they will wait for indian government to initiate something...rather than volunteering to pay the money. Please let's keep each other posted if we hear anything else. Thanks
  13. To pdpy Yes! Let's keep each other posted if we hear of anyone who paid it. Thanks
  14. xarc123x

    J1 to H1B

    As per my lawyer...as long as u submit your change of status application (for cap exempt h1) with a favorable DOS recommendatuon within the 30 days...you are good. As a matter of fact...that's what I did. My h1 was filed on 7/29, and i never left US till date.
  15. I meant conrad 30 j1 waiver. Sorry for any confusion.