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  1. Hello Luck2u, Did you H1B get transferred to Company C??? I am in the same boat
  2. I worked for company A for 10 years. I have been in US for 7 years now.They filed my GC in Eb3 and got I40 approval. Company B offered me fulltime opportunity and they transferred my H1 visa till 2016 based on I140 approval. Company B promised me to do Eb2. They are not doing now. Company A revoked my I140. I am planning to transfer my H1B to company A again or company C. Is it possible to get H1 transfer for same duration till 2016??? Can Company A re- initiate my I140 again?? Please let me know.
  3. mannyr2k

    H1B transfer after I 140 revoked?

    Hello, Please let me know if your H1B transferred to Company C. I am in the same situation.Company B promised for GC . Now they didnt care.