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  1. bkrishn

    passport status "in transit TO post"

    Hello, finally got my parents drop box appointment ..Can you please let me know what all the docs that must be submitted during drop box .
  2. bkrishn

    Documents needed for B2 dropbox

    I am also looking for the samE information my parents have drop box appointment scheduled for March .Please post if you come across any information .Thanks !
  3. bkrishn

    passport status "in transit TO post"

    Did your parents dropped off docs for Dropbox ? Wanted to know if they are accepting if other than applicant can drop off the documents .Which consulate did you renewal happen ? Waiting on dates availability for renewal of my parents b2 visa. Appreciate your response in advance !!
  4. bkrishn

    B2 visitorVisa renewal Dropbox appointment

    I am looking at Hyd.
  5. I am not sure about if someone else can goto Dropbox on behalf of the applicant !! If they allow would be easier to take appointment in available consulate .
  6. bkrishn

    Processing time after dropbox appointment

    For Delhi there are Appointments available for last two weeks of feb from last few days .Book ASAP while they last.
  7. I am also applying the renewal for my parents as well.Currently when filling the application it’s asking if the current visa expired in past 24 months .If it is then it’s showing that it’s eligible for drop box .The tough part is getting the appointment .Been almost over weeks not seeing any dates available .Atleast for Hyd.I am not sure if anyone able to get any dates as of now .
  8. Were anyone able to find drop box appointments for b2 visa renewal ? Been trying from past two weeks .And always shows up that there are no dates available at this time.Kind a confused aren’t they accepting these drop box requests or the dates are not open at all .Any experiences or insights would be appreciated.
  9. bkrishn

    B2 Visa - Documents for Dropbox Help

    Can you please Thier experience .
  10. bkrishn

    B2 VISA dropbox appointment

    Real reason .It’s idle that during this time they might just come to visit you and stay few weeks with you.
  11. bkrishn

    B2 VISA dropbox appointment

    Was it a b2 renewal drop box ?
  12. bkrishn

    Parents B2 Renewal- DS160

    I have a quick question for you .I am also planning to schedule an Drop box appointment renewal for my parents b2 renewal.But not able to see any dates available .When were you able to get a date .Trying to understand if there is a time that we have to look after to the dates to come up .Appreciate your response .
  13. bkrishn

    Any update on pp issuance

    http://travel.state.gov/content/visas/english.html Follow this
  14. bkrishn

    Jamaica Passport delays

    All the people who attended week of July 20th got cleared today and given passports i am One is last person to get pp from them ..So if u had it on 28 u will most Likely get it by mon or tue as it's a long weekend I jmca.
  15. bkrishn

    Stamping In India

    It's a best option to goto India because of this glitch the pp delivery is delayed all over atleast will have time be with family instead being in some strange place ..