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    Alternatives to H1B if not selected in the lottery

    I would like to check on my case and my options. Below is my situation: - I am on L1B visa for which extension is filed before its expiry. I got RFE for my extension, and reply of which is due by June 24th. Even if I get the extension approved, my L1B will max out by Sept 10th 2014. - I am trying for H1 in both 2013 and 2014, but did not get selected in lottery. - My company has started PERM processing for me and soon is going to file for PERM Labor. Now my questions are: - Once I get my PERM Labor done and I-140 issued, can I get H1 without lottery next year ? - As I will be maxing out my current L1B; do I need to wait for 1 year before applying for H1 or I can apply before that, given L1B got me only 5 years, while H1B can go upto 6 years ? - Also if I leave US around 10th Sept 2014 after completing my 5 years, can I apply for next year's H1 on 1st April 2015 or I have to wait until 10th Sept 2015 before filing for any other visa ? - I have read about F1/CPT and their implications, but still would like to know if trying to do COS from L1 to F1 and then work on CPT is a right option or not ? and how it will impact my I-140 processing ? I don't want to get in trouble just for the sake of getting new visa, however would like to now my options and when/if I can get new visa. Thanks in advance.