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  1. Hi Pankaj,

    I have gone through some of your responses on this forum. As I understood you were on E3 visa. So were you able to apply for GC?

    I am also from India on H1B visa but GC processing hasn't started yet. I am planning to apply for Australian PR. So just wanted to know my options from your experience. Thanks.

  2. I am going on 13th , 14th feb.
  3. pank54

    H1 Stamping at Nogales, Mexico

    i am planning to get in third week of jan 2017.
  4. Hi Friends, I am trying to book appointment for visa stamping in Nogales. I was trying to see the location of ASC and consulate and book hotel accordingly.But the asc address below doesn't come up in google search. Can some one please suggest what I am doing wrong? Nogales ASCApplicant Service CenterCalle reforma esq. con Periférico Luis Donaldo Colosio Murrieta,Col. del Rosario,Nogales, Sonora, C.P. 84000Centro Corporativo Norte regards, --Pankaj
  5. pank54

    H1B Visa Renewal, Tijuana Mexico.

    how did your interview go?
  6. i went to Tijuana in January 2015. It was smooth. First day for finger printing. They wont keep ur passport so u can come back to USA to spend night. Next day is interview daye. This day they will keep the passport.So u need to spend one night atleast in mexico. Third day they will return passport at 3pm.After that u can come back to USA.U need to get new I94.
  7. No I have not started the GC on E3. Attorney told me that since E3 is not dual intent so I need to first transfer to H1. I dont want to go that path..H1 is too cumbersome. It is much easier to keep working on E3.
  8. pank54

    Proposed changes in E3 visa

    Have they changed it to dual intent? I am also in USA in phoenix on E3. Like to know if I can apply for GC.
  9. hi friends, looking for people who are E3 and in USA. can u please contact me on ***********at gmail.com
  10. My company will be applying for some one on EB1 for the first time, so I am not sure if they will do the everything right. I was thinking if one of the Murthy's lawyer who are experts in GC for E3 visa holder can do the processing then I can ask the company to file the paperwork through those lawyers. regards, --Pankaj
  11. Hi, I am australian Citizen and currently working in USA on E3 visa. I went thorough some of the forum and it says that E3 is non migration intent visa which means I cant apply for GC on E3. Also since I am india born so my processing will happen in Indian visa category . Can some one please advise what options do I have .? My company has promised that they will start GC processing in june and till then they wont know if I am eligible for applying GC or not. Also in whihc category - EB1,Eb2 etc? regards, --Pankaj