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  1. Well I posted the question, so I know what I was asking for and for USCIS purpose, Chakrakr's post already answered my question and the links provided were really helpful. But, going back to your post about "Masters with 3 years experience generally means AFTER the Masters, even if it isn't spelled out."-- I will definitely consult with a lawyer regarding this. Again, TY for suggestion.
  2. Are you referring your criteria based on the the rule that you posted on "Posted 22 May 2014 - 03:30 PM" or are you suggesting that it's a HR policy of a company that makes me ineligible for the job? If USCIS rule, then Chakrakr has answered my question and if it's a HR policy then the wording does not state that the 3 years of experience gained should be after Master's degree. It says "Master's degree with 3 years of experience". TY for all your suggestions. Case closed :)
  3. On what basis you are claiming that I am not qualified for the job? Are you from the HR or are you the Hiring Manager? The company is Fortune 50
  4. Chakrakr, enjoyed reading the forum posts regarding EB2/EB3 and the link you provided. It seems as though the job advertisement must be carefully written and the best bet is to contact the attorney. TY:)
  5. Ah I see. So based on USCIS EB2/EB3 category and above job exp./edu. requirement, I will need 3 years of experience gained after getting MS degree! Does the above rule apply to HR as well?
  6. No one really?? At least someone would have been in my shoes. Any suggestions???
  7. Hello, any suggestions? Both degrees are from accredited US institution.
  8. Hello, My educational and experience background is Bachelor's degree (2011) Master's degree (May 2014) Exp: May 2011-March 2012 (One company--Full Time) April 2012-Present (current company (full-time)) I just wanted to clarify the EB2/EB3 job category based on education/experience requirement. Even though new to the forum, I have read about EB2/EB3 job category and job description dictating which category the employee falls under, I have some specific questions about the job requirements below. Job Tile: Sr. Manager (at different company) Bachelor's Plus five years of experience or Master's degree with 3 years of experience. I do have work experience of 3 years gained after Bachelor's degree, but none after Master's. Can I use my experience gained after Bachelor's degree to qualify for EB2 category or Do I still fall under EB3? Thank you all for your input!!