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  1. robo888

    AC21 if still on H1B

    Hi, I was on H1-B in my old company. They applied 485 for me because of which I got EAD. I changed company, transferred my H1-B to the new company. Do i need to do anything for my pending I-485 from my old company? Do I need to file AC21 with USCIS even though I am not currently working on EAD and still continue using H1-B? Thanks,
  2. robo888

    H4 Extension without filing I-539 form

    or to make question simple. If I get I-94 of my spouse extended by crossing border and coming back to US, do I still need to file I-539 for my spouse? Please let me know
  3. robo888

    H4 Extension without filing I-539 form

    The spouse is in US now. Visa is still valid so not planning to get Visa now. Will apply for dropbox in India which will be easier
  4. Please advice H1 extended through company. Wife was in in India at that time. Now want to extend H4. Can I extend H4 by crossing border? In that case I will be getting new I-94. Do I still need to file I-539 if I follow this process?
  5. Hi, My H1 got extended recently. I didn't file for H4 extension of my spouse together with H1 extension since she was in India. Now I want to get H4 extended. Can I get H4 of my wife extended by crossing border (mexico) and coming back to USA? I am not planning to file H4 extension using I-539 form. Please let me know if this is valid form of extension Thanks,
  6. robo888

    I-140 experience with current company

    Hi Allur, Did your I-140 got approved? I am in the same state now. Please let me know
  7. So, my H1 was approved in year 2005. Came to US and worked for 4 years. Later went back to India. Now my H1 is expired and I have completed 4 years from 6 years of my H1. Can I renew my h1 now? I stay with same company Please advice