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  1. Congrats h1b_kumar!!


    Can you please share like.. if it was only H1b transfer and without extension?

    Also, your new compnay is a direct client or employer-client or Employer-vendor-client?

    Thank You! 


    It was transfer with extension (earlier expiration was aug 2017, new expiration is aug 2018) and its Employer --> Client relationship. 


    Also could anyone let me know is stamping required again as the new expiration date is a year more (aug 2018) than the earlier stamped date (aug 2017).




  2. Hi All,


    Please guide me on this. I navigated to available threads on related issue but could get confirmed answers or may be it bounced on my head!! 


    My Scenario:


    I had been to US on H4 visa (in Dec 2014) and applied for H1B (H4 to H1B) while I was in USA. After applying I returned back to India due to personal emergency in Feb 2014. My application got selected in lottery and my US employer sent me the receipt number. I'm in India at present.


    I cannot travel back to USA within Oct 1, 2014 and I discussed the same with my US employer. My employer says that I can travel anytime after Oct 1, 2014 on H4 visa and then apply for COS by paying the applicable fees.




    1) As I traveled back to India after applying for H4 to H1B, will it cause any problem to my H1B petition approval?


    2) If my H1B petition gets approved while I'm in India, can I come back on my H4 visa after Oct 1, 2014 and then apply for COS from H4 to H1?


    3)  If my H1B petition gets approved while I'm in India, can I use the approved petition as base and find new employer in India and come to US by getting H1B stamped in India? 


    4) In case my H1B petition gets rejected, is it possible that I can still find new employer in India and again apply for new petition?


    Eagerly awaiting responses from the experienced members. Kindly guide and help me.