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  1. dileep.koppu

    Multiple questions in a single topic. Related to H1B 2015.

    I wish an attorney responds instead of advanced members. Not sure if i can properly rely on this conversation, which is already speculative to a superlative state!
  2. dileep.koppu

    Multiple questions in a single topic. Related to H1B 2015.

    Joe F, how can you justify this? how can you be positively sure of this? Just a question for clarity. No offence meant.
  3. dileep.koppu

    Multiple questions in a single topic. Related to H1B 2015.

    I am currently approaching universities which provide CPT from start of the academic semester,( first) and yes, that's valid too. few universities do not provide that until 2nd sem, but yes,there are many which do. and as soon as i am in, i can work. on par with education. Multiple answers in a single post. I tried to be a good guy too. but as far as i know, every single person i know of who applied for their H1's or their beloved ones H1's this year did multiple applications through multiple employers. this is not illegal and i am positively sure of this. My thought process was like I have 2 chances of getting picked as i am in masters quota. I have an advantage already. why should i be an A** by doing such a thing? but i realize that i become an A** by not doing so. no matter what it costs, i ll go ahead with multiple employers the coming year. Applying through multiple employers increases their chances. Positive. I have a few friends who did that, never received a reply, or a packet return from one employer, but successfully got picked and in processing currently in the other. so pretty sure multiple employer applications are valid and legit. I am on F1 and i can work as long as my CPT is in valid status. as i am using my OPT currently, I will not be able to use either OPT or its extension next year( or at the end of my degree). All you need to be is a valid student, making sure all rules are followed.
  4. dileep.koppu

    Alternatives to H1B if not selected in the lottery

    ok. I don't know if i made myself clear, but people specifically stressed on the word "forced" that i used, may be i must have not used it. see, I went for masters in UK and couldn't work there because of immigration issues, the entire thing changed at that time, wasted a lot of dad's money, now i don't want to risk it all after spending around 20K in many things and going back without making any sense of the past few years. I am accumulating experience now, even if i go back i ll earn something. but it ll take years together before i can clear off my debts. which is why i used the word "forced" where i should have said "compelled". no one is forcing me. thanks for all the clarifications, suggestions, and a few criticisms. At least this discussion made me think about my plan for months to come
  5. dileep.koppu

    Multiple questions in a single topic. Related to H1B 2015.

    I completed my masters in england, and entered USA on Student Visa. now i have completed another masters here. as the H1 didnt go through, I am compelled to go through this procedure again. I have mentally prepared to go for H1 2016, as ther are speculations about H4 being allowed to work , so there will be much lesser applications next year. I also did a mistake by being considerable and applying through only one employer. i dont think i ll do that next year. that will be my last shot and i hope that goes through. I am actually working FT and earning good money. but it takes a toll on arranging for both, as you guys know. That's why the request.
  6. Hello, I applied on premium processing for H1B 2015, (masters quota) and haven't been picked. I am looking for various options. 1) can i join a "Community college" to maintain my status until H1B 2016 starts? ( this option mainly because of the tuition fee costs difference) 2) there are too many people saying that there is still hope and until the packets are returned, there is scope. Does USCIS keep a reserve bunch of random packets of applications so that they can fill up the remaining of "Picked-Rejected" applications? do they even do that? 3) If i choose to not join a college for maintaining status,( I have already completed 2 masters and i have very little patience to continue studying) What are my other options as my OPT Extension ends on june 30th 2014. Please reply. Thanks for this facility.
  7. dileep.koppu

    Alternatives to H1B if not selected in the lottery

    I was speaking to a GC holder and he was suggesting me to investigate the possibility of B1. what can be done with this? will i even be eligible if i am on an F1. going to school all over again is the last priority on my list (mostly because of pressure and price) what are my alternatives apart from another Master's degree? I was also suggested to look into community colleges where i can save a few bucks in terms of tuition. will i be eligible to study in an community college until next H1-B , as i am an international student? Please advice.
  8. dileep.koppu

    Alternatives to H1B if not selected in the lottery

    I've completed 2 masters, one in England and one in USA, and because of the lottery process, i am now forced to go for another masters. I don't think you would have such kind of patience to complete it after going through so much mess.