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  1. premkalyan521

    Automatic visa revalidation for Transit to Hyd via Canada

    Thanks a lot every one for the valuable inputs . Truly appreciate each and every one on the prompt responses and explanatio
  2. Wife currently has H4 and H4 EAD applied in Premium processing on 29th April . Done with Bio metrics on 13th May. My H1 approved and we are wanting to travel to India while wife h4 and H4 EAD are pending. Fortunately we found a flight transiting through Canada. Our trip is for 25 days . Leaving to India via Toronto Canada and also After 25 days of trip in India, entering US from India Via Tornonto/Canada. Can we request for AVR for wife, when we are entering the US that way wife can get same i94 and she can still have her H4 and H4 EAD process continued.
  3. premkalyan521

    H1B Stamping in Calgary, Canada

    Please do check your inbox message here on murthy forum
  4. premkalyan521

    H1B Stamping in Calgary, Canada

    very true
  5. premkalyan521

    can I got for visa stamping before current stamping expires??

    yes you can . u will be stamped until July 2021.
  6. premkalyan521

    H4 Visa Experience- March 2019

    if she has H1 stamping on passport in the past she can go to Mexico for stamping Currently --> H1 Stamping oN passport in the past , need H4 stamping on passport can go to mexico Currently --> H4 Stamping oN passport in the past , need H1 stamping on passport can go to mexico
  7. premkalyan521

    Matamoros vs Hyderabad Stamping

    this is very rare case scenario. as per the history. All the 221g issued in US Consulates of India have a longer wait period when compared to any other third country. It may be because of different time zone and also the number of petitions as US consulate of India has to reach out to USCIS in US . different time zone and US Consulate of india cannot call either the Client or Vendor for verification and email is the only way to communicate to the client and vendor or USCIS from India . As per the information from this forum and other online social media forums. So far Mexico is the best for H1 Stamping extensions if we already have h1 stamping in the past. If we dont have h1 stamping in the past. Canada is the Best bet.
  8. premkalyan521

    Matamoros vs Hyderabad Stamping

    matmoros is best for u
  9. premkalyan521

    CRITICAL : Canada Stamping Dates Needed

    please do check your inbox here on Murthy forum page
  10. premkalyan521

    H1B visa approved in Vancouver

    thanks for sharing ur experioence
  11. premkalyan521

    Successful H1b stamping in Ottawa,Canada

    thanks alot for sharing ur experience
  12. premkalyan521

    H1B visa in Canada

    please do check your personal meesage here on murthy forum
  13. premkalyan521

    H1B Stamping Experience at Vancouver Feb. 2019

    thanks alot for sharing your experience
  14. premkalyan521

    Successful Visa Stamping Ottawa, Canada

    congrats thanks alot for sharing the info