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  1. we have seen many newbies go to Canada for h1 stamping. but for canada u will need CANADA visiting visa. do you already have Canada Visiting VIsa. It may take any where from 3 to 4 weeks.
  2. premkalyan521

    Can we to Canada for H1B stamping?

    It is my understanding that . Canada and Mexico are far better when we see 221g in bigger picture. As there is a definite time line for 221g in Canada/Mexico when compared to india . note : I am not attorney this is just my understanding and info gathered from social network sites
  3. Any one been to GUADALAJARA, MEXICO for H1 Stamping
  4. premkalyan521

    H1B stamping: New employer only 1 pay check

    it shud be fine. they ask for pay stubs to make sure u maintied leagal h1 status by getting paid during ur last period of stay in US. the 3 recent pay stubs need not be ur current employer it can be ur previous employer. some times you are asked for 1 full year of pay stubs and w2 for 2 or more years and also tax returns. it shud be ur responsiblity to carrry all the needed documents. u can be asked anything. why take chance of 221g for missing documents and wait in 221g queue. just my opinion i may be wrong
  5. premkalyan521

    Successful H1B Stamping in Monterrey,Mexico

    Thanks a lot for the detailed information on your visa stamping experience . Truly appreciate your time and info the only question I have is how did you pay your visa fees for stamping at this consulate
  6. premkalyan521

    1st H1B stamping in Non home country

    if everything goes as we wish its fast. if it goes against our will then we have to stay with 221g in india for months and some times years. Most of the Indian community folks work on EVC model and if they are sturck with 221g in Indian and its taking months then they will loose job as the client cant wait for months and when Consualte want more info the Candidate is out of job so no chances. Where as canada it takes max 4 weeks for 221g
  7. premkalyan521

    1st H1B stamping in Non home country

    There is nothing called risky for first time or any type of H1 stamping. The 221g turn around time is quick and easy in outside Home country consulates
  8. premkalyan521

    H1b Stamping in Calgary-Need advise

    I am just wondering is it advisable to go to Canada as this is my First H1b stamping - Yes it is alway advisable to Go to Canada if we are looking at the turn around time it takes for 221g in INDIA(Weeks to years) compared to Canada (max 4 Weeks) What are the chances of getting approval or 221g? - No general formula. It depends on your profile, your confidence and luck.  If I get 221g what is time frame to get the Visa approved - Usually 1 week minimum max 4 weeks that i have heard of all the cases i read in this forum and other forums. Also is this is good time to go to Canada for interview - Just be confident and do not think negatives now. Carry all the documents.
  9. premkalyan521

    H1b Stamping in Calgary-Need advise

    please kindly check your inbox message here on murthy forum
  10. premkalyan521

    Sep 26 Vancouver stamping

    please kindly check your messages here in murthy forum inbox
  11. premkalyan521

    Sep 6th VISA Stamping@Vancouver

    please check ur message on murthy forum
  12. premkalyan521

    Sep 6th VISA Stamping@Vancouver

    please check ur message on murthy forum
  13. check your personal message here on murthy forum
  14. premkalyan521

    Automatic visa revalidation for Transit to Hyd via Canada

    Thanks a lot every one for the valuable inputs . Truly appreciate each and every one on the prompt responses and explanatio
  15. Wife currently has H4 and H4 EAD applied in Premium processing on 29th April . Done with Bio metrics on 13th May. My H1 approved and we are wanting to travel to India while wife h4 and H4 EAD are pending. Fortunately we found a flight transiting through Canada. Our trip is for 25 days . Leaving to India via Toronto Canada and also After 25 days of trip in India, entering US from India Via Tornonto/Canada. Can we request for AVR for wife, when we are entering the US that way wife can get same i94 and she can still have her H4 and H4 EAD process continued.