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  1. premkalyan521

    Successful Visa Stamping @Vancouver

    Yes you can go to Canada
  2. premkalyan521

    H1B stamping Canada and India

    you can go to canda. Canada is far better in most cases. if 221g issues in india there is no time line. as for canada , it takes 1 week to 4 weeks max for 221g to be cleared. so i recomend canada
  3. premkalyan521

    Canada H1 stamping

    can go to canda for h1 stmaping it shud be fine. please do check your personal message here on murthy forum
  4. Yes you can go to canda for first time h1 stamping. please do check your personal message here on murthy forum
  5. premkalyan521

    Canada Visa appointment Dates

    please do check your personal message here on murthy forum
  6. premkalyan521

    I-797A without I94 at bottom - Please help

    Ans for 2: you can go to any US consulate . home country not mandatory.
  7. do what ever you can. There are many cases where the VO approved stamping with out original i797 copies
  8. Hi I am planning my H1 stamping in Canada . i am working in EC mode. I am planning to go for stamping during third week of September or Early October. If any one interested to collaborate and wanted to share accommodation and other things please send me a personal message here on Murthy forum.
  9. premkalyan521

    Third time h1b stamping - Need location help

    mexico is easy and less risky for you
  10. premkalyan521

    H1b Stamping Date Available in Canada

    please kindly check your personal message here on murthy forum
  11. premkalyan521

    H1B stamping experiences posts are very rare now to see. 

    what consulate are you planning to attend. Canada or India
  12. bumping the thread for new visa aspirants in Canada and India
  13. premkalyan521

    H1-B visa stamping other than home country

    You can go to Canada with out any issues . Check your personal message here on Murthy forum
  14. premkalyan521

    First H1B Stamping @ Halifax

    yes halifax does accept first time h1b stamping.