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  1. Hi My husbands employer filed his h1b in aptil 2017 which was picled in lottery but after a rfe it was rejected in dec 2017. However the employer appealed against the decision and USCIS overturned it and approved it in mid feb 2018. The reciept number for h1 application in april and appeal later were different but petition number was same. We have apptoved I140 and H4 application was filed with H1 and H4EAD was filed separatelyin sept 2017. The online status of my H4 and H4EAD still shows in progress. My husband's employer said it will automatically get linked to the apptoved petition since the petition number is the same. Is that correct? Or do i need to file a new H4 EAD? Also does the processing time of H4 EAD of 90 to 120 days start from.the day of h1 approval?
  2. CG_NJ

    Question about L2 EAD laws

    Hi, I am working with a large firm on a valid L2 EAD which expires in Feb 2018. Next year would be my husbands 7th year in US. My husband was selected in the lottery for H1B this year and he has a valid I-140, so he would eventually move to H1B on 1st Oct and I will be on H4, upon which I will quit my job. I got an email from my lawyer at my employers firm asking me if I will be able to renew my EAD. I want to understand that as per laws what amount of information are they allowed to ask me. Can they ask for my husbands Greencard process details even though they are not involved in the process? I worry that I might be let go because of these hassles. Thanks!
  3. CG_NJ

    Understanding timelines

    Any views please?
  4. CG_NJ

    Understanding timelines

    Here are the timelines for my spouse's experience with American Visas :) 8/21/11 - L1B issued 5/28/14 - L1B renewed till 2016 2/8/16 - L1B changed to L1A till 2/8/18 1/20/17 - Approved I-140 received 4/1/17 - H1B filed (it was picked in lottery) My Queries : 1. We understand that as of 10/1/17 the L1A becomes void and H1B takes over. Since he has approved I-140, will it be on automatic extension now onwards? 2. Do we need to leave US, what is also known as 'cool off period'? 3. I understand that I can file H4 EAD on 10/1/17 as my L2 EAD will be void as soon as H1 becomes active. Correct? Thanks!
  5. CG_NJ

    L2 EAD Renewal Biometrics

    Hi, I am a resident of NJ and applied for my L2 EAD renewal on 16th May 2016 to Texas branch. I recieved a reciept notice stating that the claim was recieved and is being processed. However it did not have a biometric appointment date. When i had renewed my EAD in 2014 it had given me a biometric appointment. Has this step been ommitted for renewal purposes now? If not, what should be my next steps. Thanks!
  6. CG_NJ

    L1B to L1A or H1B to GC

    They didn't mention a reason, and to be honest i dont think they have a good one.
  7. CG_NJ

    L1B to L1A or H1B to GC

    Update : They said L1A is possible but they anticipate a higher rejection rate plus they said they cant do EB1 as his original petition did not show International managerial experience
  8. CG_NJ

    L2 Visa - applying EAD

    They need I-94 for your wife, hence she will have to visit US atleast once to get a I-94. You can apply for the EAD via post i.e. by sending in documents. Her physical presence will be needed for the biometrics as well. The EAD is issued within 60-90 days provided there is no query or request for additional documents. The EAd will be mailed to you and she does not have to physically present to recieve it. So that means, she needs to be in US for 2 purposes : 1. I-94 2. Biometrics Usually biometrics data is within 1 month of application of EAD, but it may depend on the center you are applying to and the city you are residing in.
  9. CG_NJ

    L1B to L1A or H1B to GC

    Hi, Here is my situation, and pardon my ignorance. I am not well versed with the immigration laws : My husband is on L1B (Sept 2011) which is due to expire in Sept 2016. I am on L2 and employed full time with another employer. His employer are finally considering filing for GC under EB2, which doesn’t help our situation as we cannot continue to stay within US after 1 year. So we have 2 options : They file for GC under EB2 now and then apply for H1B next year 1st quarter. The flip side is I cannot work but I can take a few months break and apply for H4 EAD once labor approval is received. Ask the employer to change category from L1B to L1A and then file GC under EB1/EB2. This allows me to continue working without a hitch and earns us breathing space uptill Sept 2018. (He was a business analyst but moved into a project managerial position 5 months ago) Can you apprise me with the timelines for Visa, GC involved with both scenarios? Also the challenges we may face in both these scenarios. His employer is pushing him to file H1B saying their track record of L1B to L1A conversion is very poor, but we are not certain whether they should be believed. We are trying to come up with the best solution possible. We are also okay with going back to India if things seem too complicated. Basically we want to avoid any situation in which his employer bullies him even more, we had rather go back to India and switch to a better employer and save our career (Just being honest, no offense to US residents) Thanks
  10. CG_NJ

    Fresh H1B and India travel

    Okay, thanks for the help. One more question how different is the COS process from Fresh filing? My spouse is on L1B and i am on L2, both working full time and trying to move to H1B. As per your post this will happen through COS since we already reside in US, so can i assume the process and rules for that is different from fresh H1b?
  11. CG_NJ

    Green card on L1B

    Okay, i dont think i was clear regarding my query. What i am trying to say is once he recieves his labor approval his underlying visa continues to be L1B i.e. he is tied to his exisiting employer. In such a situation can he move to another employer? I read somewhere that he can apply for a change of status from L1B EAD to Green card EAD. Excuse my use of incorrect terminology, I am not aware of Legal terms associated with Immigration.
  12. CG_NJ

    Fresh H1B and India travel

    What is H1B filed as COS? Exiting and entering US can be done by visiting Canada. The concern is more about travelling to India since we wished to take a vacation, just didnt want it to become an issue.
  13. My husband is currently on L1B and he is on a lookout for an employer who can file his fresh H1B. If that happens i undetsand he can join the new employer by 1st oct 2015. Our current I-94 is valid till May 2016. If we need to travel to India in April for a month, is that risky? Can you throw light on any period India travel would be safe or unsafe. Thanks
  14. My husband has a valid L1 b till May 2016 and in a few months his company will initiate green card filing. After labor is approved will he be able to switch jobs by change of status (or other means) since the underlying visa is L1B?
  15. CG_NJ

    H1b Filing

    Thank you for your responses. Appreciate it.