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  1. tom9

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs in 2016

    Hi exiledby221G, I am planning for my stamping in canada, but after looking at all these 221g's am bit worried. do you any idea which location in canada is safer?or better to go to mexico?
  2. I saw many posts recently getting 221g's at Vancouver consulate . I was planning to go to Vancouver.. . is Calgary or mexico a safer option?
  3. can you share your interview experience
  4. tom9

    221G White Slip Vancouver on 08/15/16.

    i guess there should not be a problem if your pay stub amount is more than LCA .What answer did you give for that? looks like he is not satisfied with your answer
  5. tom9

    221G White Slip Vancouver on 08/15/16.

    is that a Chinese officer?
  6. tom9

    221G White Slip Vancouver on 08/15/16.

    Hi ...can you please share your interview experience and any idea why you got 221g?
  7. Your date is sept 29th or aug 29th? looks like they blocked your email here. Check my profile for my email
  8. can you share your interview questions ...r u working as fulltime or in EVC model
  9. tom9

    Chennai-221g -project documents

    i guess it means all your project documentation like design documents ,status reports etc
  10. Any one has Visa appointment @ Vancouver on Aug 31st ?
  11. tom9

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs in 2016

    @exiledby221G@toronto Are you working in EVC model? can you share your interview experience ?
  12. I guess taking your passport back won't slow down the process as they might already have the copies of your passport.I know the wait time is frustrating but no other option .
  13. hi do you know how to go to india from matamoros in case of any issues?
  14. Are you in EVC model? your new petition is filed with vendor B? employer and end client are same but vendors changed ,am i right?
  15. tom9

    Mexican visa in USA

    Hi PD711, appt letter and ds160 really needed to get mexican visa ? please share your experience, if you already took it.