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  1. Thank you very much for the replies and all your suggestions. I really appreciate it!!!
  2. Hi all I am in a confused situation at this point and i really appreciate your valuable comments or suggestions in my case. In april 2014 i had filed just for myself for I-140/I-485 (concurrent filing) under EB-1 category (outstanding professor/researcher). Filing was done by my company. I got EAD (valid until july 2015) and AP approved 2 weeks before. At this point I-485 and I-140 are pending. My H-1B expires at the end of 2014 and i am currently on H-1B. I was single until now and i have a potential match now. She (my potential match) is on H-1B and already have I-140 approved under EB-2 category. Would i be able to add her to my I-485 at this point. What options do i have at this point to add her to my I-485? Can you please share your ideas/thoughts about this situation. I really appreciate it.
  3. Dear All, I need some suggestions from you and i really appreciate the input of all the experienced out here in this forum. Thanks in advance. I am indian and recently my I-140/485 (concurrent filing under EB-1B (outstanding researcher) category) was filed by the research institute (non-profit) where i am currently employed as full time employee. I got 10 strong recommendation letters from well known cancer researchers (around the USA and one from outside the country (from canada)) for my application. This application was filed in Texas service center a week before. I did my phD in USA and had been working on cancer vaccine research from past 6+ years (Phd plus after experience = total of 11 years+) Below is the list of my qualifications 1. 8 publications (50 citations) in reputed cancer research journals 2. 4 research grants in which i am Principal investigator which are funded by several famous cancer foundations (Grants money range from $50,000-$200,000) 3. Reviewer of 5 national/international journals 4. Presented paper/posters in 10 national conferences so far. 5. Received 3 academic achievements awards (2 during phD and one during postdoc) 6. Was part of work covered in news paper in united states (with my picture in the paper describing my work) 7. Part of several research projects funded by federal government. What are my chances of getting my I-140/485 approved? Also, can anyone please share their recent EB-1B experience at texas service center or share the information regarding the time frame of processing of cases like mine in texas service center. Thanks for your input. Appreciate it.