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  1. I am working as ‘Quality Assurance ‘ in Chicago. My current employer has filled my GC (EB2) as ‘.Net developer’and My GC priority date is 23rd June, 2012. (Please note that My i-140 has been approved) Now, I have Full Time Offer and new employer will start my Green Card process as ‘Quality Assurance’ (different title). Questions: Will my priority date remain same? (Please note that both job title has different job description) Can my employer revoke my i-140? If my employer revokes my i-140, can I retain same priority Date? Please guide me your answers are very important for me.
  2. suchitra

    San Ysidro for I-94 extension

    Thanks for information Abu. My I-94 is expiring today. I am also planning to go to San Ysidro border in this weekend. could you please suggest me (1) How long you stayed in mexico after crossing border (2) What all questions did they asked you. Your inputs will be really help me much.. Thanks,
  3. suchitra


    @ RACHAT - I have similar situation, My 1st H1B Expires on 31st July,14 and when I enter USA on 9th June -- CBP gave me I-94 valid till 31st July,14. She expained, "If your latest H1B Starts within 10 days then We can give you I-94 till your passport expires. But now we can only give you I-94 till your current H1B expiration date" - Why you checked about Drivers License at POE ? - Why proof of stay after 31st July needed to get your I-94 renew? Thanks,
  4. suchitra

    I-94 Valid

    Thanks Jairichi.
  5. Thanks Murthy Forum for all your support and guidance which has helped me a lot... Questions Asked during interview : (1) Did you completed your MS from the same school as on the your F1 Visa. (2) From where did you completed your MS (3) When did you completed MS (4) What's your major (5) Give me your 2014 paystubs, LCA & last 2 years W2's (6) Do you have client? (7) Client name (8) your Role and Responsibilities.
  6. suchitra

    I-94 Valid

    Background : My current H1B Visa Valid till 31st July, 2014. Latest H1B Visa Valid till July 2017. My Passport expires on March, 2015. Recently went for H1-B Stamping and got Visa on Passport till july 2017. But I got I-94 till 31st July 2014 (Based on my current H1B Expiration date and CBP Officer told me "If your latest H1B Starts within 10 days then We can give you I-94 till your passport expires. But now we can only give you I-94 till your current H1B expiration date) 1) Do I need to travel outside of USA 10 days before 31st July, 2014 (to get my I-94 valid till my passport expiration date)? 2) Is that ok not to travel as I have latest H1B Valid till July 2017. 3) Can I get my passport renewed withing 1 month from chicago? Pls Pls advice.
  7. @ Swathi12345 - I have sent you Skype - Add frd request. You can also share your phone number to my email address in my profile. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi Vancoversep13, I have visa appointment on 30th May @ Vancouver. you can contact me at the email address mentioned in my profile. Thanks,
  9. suchitra

    ds160 question

    How can I update new DS160 in my appointment profile. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi, I have visa interview on 30th May. Looking to share Accomodation with Female. Please contact me (you can find my email address under my profile)... Thanks in Advance.
  11. suchitra

    Successful stamping in Jamaica

    Congratulation!! Thanks for posting your H1 Interview Experience.
  12. suchitra

    avg: time to get Canada visa processed

    @ kp123, I have mailed Application + Documents to NY consulate and its been 10 days. No reply yet. Could you tell me where did you applied, NY or LA?
  13. suchitra

    Visa Approved 14th May @ Calgary :)

    Congratulation and thanks for sharing your Interview Experience.
  14. Thanks ramjudah & vancoversep13 for you time and inputs. Really appereciate your guidance!!
  15. suchitra

    H1 B Visa Stamping- Successfull @Calgary May 12th

    What did VO asked you ? Please share your experience. Thanks in advance.