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  1. HI, My current H4 EAD expires on April 8th(2018) and i filed for a renewal on Noember 25th (2017). I got a letter saying i will not get a new EAD until the current EAD expires. 1) will they send my renewed after April 18th? 2) will they start processing my request only after April 8th? Hoping that Trump's law doesn't come to affect until then... when can i expect to receive it? Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. raghu4228

    H1B Accidentally revoked

    My Employer applied for a new H1B now and asked for me to be on leave until my H1B gets approved and they said they would pay my salary for the duration i get approval. Can you tell me if there will be any legal implication for me staying here for the next 2 weeks? is it required for me to go back to my country and come again?
  3. raghu4228

    H1B Accidentally revoked

    HI, I am a full time employee at my firm and i heard that my H1B has been accidentally revoked today. Can my company cancel the Revoke request? what is the procedure for that? If not, should they file a new H1B? Will they have to wait to run my Pay check? How do i handle the invalid visa status until everything gets settled? Please let me know and thanks in advance.
  4. HI, I am working as a full time employee and i had my visa stamping done last year and was stamped till July 2015. I got a better offer and am planning to change job. If i take the offer and if go to India will i have to go to visa interview again? if not will there be any problem at the port of entry as the company name on visa will be different from the company name on H1b Docs? Thanks,