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  1. My Inlaws are on a 10 yr multiple entry visa. 10 yr entry visa on passport ends on sep 9th 2017. But when they came to US this time on April 22nd. They gave the I-94 until October 10th. Would they be able to stay until October 10th as I-94 is valid. Thx
  2. Hi I am on H1b visa completing my 5th year. I was with employer A for 3 yrs. I have an approved I-140 with that employer. I Moved to to employer B. My Labor filing with that employer is still pending. Can I get a 3 yrs extension right now? Thx
  3. Hi I am in US on a H1B visa. My friends are recently starting a business. I would like to be a partner in their business. I want to invest in the business. My friends are green card holders. Can I be a partner in the business? Which is the best thing to start? C-corp vs S-corp Vs LLC. I do not want to have any issues with immigration in future. Thank you