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  1. rmgupta21

    H-4 EADs

    Dear Atttorney, I have approved I-140 and on 8th year H1B extension. My question is that does the President Order of giving EAD's to H4 Spouses only? What about other dependents on H4 like children who are below 21 and above 15 years of age? Can the EAD cards for children can also be applied? As there is no clarity on this Thanks
  2. Hi Experts, Please help!!! After changing visa status from H4 to F1, can I keep my father's heath and auto insurance as dependent OR do I need to buy my own insurances. An early response will be appreciated. Regards RM
  3. rmgupta21

    H4 to F1 - Any age limit?

    Thanks Joef for reply.
  4. rmgupta21

    H4 to F1 - Any age limit?

    Hello, Currently I am on H4 visa, doing my under graduate in Engineering in US from state university. I will be turning 21 in coming September (Sept, 2014) Please confirm if I have to change my Visa status from H4 to F1 once I turn '21'? What is the procedure? And will that impact my college tuition fee, as currently on H4 I am paying In-State fees as I have done my Middle and High School in US. Any pointers and confirmation will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance Regards Ravi
  5. Hi Team Please help!!!!! I am a under graduate Engineering 3rd year student in US on H4 Visa. I would like to do some internship during summer. And to whomsoever I have contacted they are replying back with comment that during internship they will be paying some stipend. As legally I know being on H4 visa, I can not accept any stipend/payment/check. But I have heard that one can accept stipend up to some limit in 'Dollar Value'. Please if some one can help in Identifying: 1. if it is true that H4 visa holder can accept stipend during internship? 2. If yes, then what is the 'Dollar value' limit? Any tips will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance Regards Ravi