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  1. venkatramrm@gmail.com


    Please feel free to email me if anyone needs further help with visa fee payment help. My username is my email. Good Luck !!!
  2. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    stamping at mexico in consular processing

    I have seen many folks who got I-797B through consular processing. you can go to any consulate. It's not mandatory to go to the consulate mentioned in I-797B document.
  3. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    RFE for Specialty Occupation

    Please join RFE Discussions FB group for further info, sample documents etc
  4. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    RFE for Specialty Occupation

    I got a lot of emails requesting for info on RFE, how i was able to clear etc ., I tried to respond as much as possible with info. Kindly please search and join RFE Discussions FB group to get more details, to see a lot of different cases and details, approvals etc., Good luck for everyone to clear RFE
  5. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    H1B Visa stamping in Canada

    Mexico does not allow change of status stamping (F1 to H1B etc.,), Only allows stamping in same visa category Renewal. (F1 to F1) (H1B to H1B, H4 to H4 etc.,) Where as canada allows any of above.
  6. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    has your US visa ever cancelled or revoked?

    few references : https://definitions.uslegal.com/c/cancelled-without-prejudice/
  7. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    has your US visa ever cancelled or revoked?

    @ramakrishnan4 As @gopalakrishnach said Even I believe it's a common practice to cancel old visa while giving new visa, you can answer "NO" unless your visa was rejected or cancelled previously with the intention of cancelling / revoking it when you attended for visa interview etc., I have seen many folks answered the same. Please double check with your attorney for accurate information.
  8. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    H1B Stamping in Mexico and travel on expired visa

    @km001 Sent you some useful info to your Murthy forum Inbox
  9. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    Tijuana H1B / H4 stamping on recently expired visa

    If the mexican visa appointments are not available. You can go for visa stamping by taking border permit that costs around 25-30$ valid for a week at Tijuana.
  10. Yes, Matamoros accepts same visa renewals
  11. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    Visa Payment at Mexico Bank

    Check usvisastampinginmexico.com
  12. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    RFE for Specialty Occupation

    Please search for "RFE Discussions" Facebook group & join, you might get info you are looking for, you can see other approvals info etc.,
  13. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    H1b Visa stamping

    Mexico is not an option for first time stamping,(only for visa renewal stamping) Canada or home country are options for first time stamping.
  14. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    H1B Dropbox called for interview

    It's common these days to call for fingerprints & visa interview for few cases of dropbox, we might not know what's the criteria for that. Nothing to panic, you are fine
  15. venkatramrm@gmail.com


    Thank you for reaching out to me Mahesh, glad was able to help you for fee payment service. If anyone else needs help, please feel free to Drop an email to my username, would be happy to provide help, mostly same day service for fee payment if you email before 2 PM CST (in Mexican banks.)