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  1. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    Visa for future petition

    Yes, you can go now to H1B visa interview for the petition starting from Feb 2019. It should not be an issue
  2. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    H1B Stamping in Matamoros Mexico

    You should be good to go to mexico as you are going for H1B visa renewal. If you have any valid US or Canadian (Visitor) or Shenghen or Japan visa - you don't need to take mexican visa for your travel. Else better to take mexican visa by visiting near by consulate (For safe side as you will be traveling outside of US)
  3. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    Stamping done in , Matamoros, Mexico successfully .....

    If anyone need further info / help, please feel free to drop me an email. Good luck
  4. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    Visa Stamping in Matamoros, Mexico

    Please feel free to drop me an email, I can help you with visa fee payment in mexican banks else check this link https://usvisastampinginmexico.com/us-h1b-h4-e3-l1-j-o-mrv-csra-visa-fee-payment-process-in-mexico/
  5. MRV fee paid will be valid for 1 year from the date of visa fee payment ; you can use the same fee to attend any consulate in mexico within mexico (Or specific country you paid visa fee for) Fee paid can't be used to another country. Reason : US Visa fee varies as per the conversion rate (Dollar to specific country currency) every day. so usually MRV fee forms have specific validity (7 or 10 days) after creating them to pay the visa fee online or In-person at Bank. If needed any further info / help about visa fee payment in mexico, Please feel to drop me an email
  6. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    Visa fee payment for Matamoros, Mexico

    Please feel free to drop me an email for further help, I would be happy to help & provide guidance
  7. venkatramrm@gmail.com


    Please feel free to drop me an email for further help / information
  8. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    Visa Fee Payment for Tijuana consulate

    Drop me an email to my email ID, I can guide you with visa fee payment in Mexico. Good Luck
  9. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    H1B Stamping in Mexico and travel on expired visa

    Drop me an email, i can help
  10. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    H1b Stamping Mexico Process and Date Available

  11. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    H1-B stamping in metamoros mexico

    Yes, safe to attend, Please check website posted above & recent updates tab, It has all info from all previous candidates
  12. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    Passport validity for H1b stamp in Mexico

    Renew your passport before attending your visa interview. 2 Scenarios : 1) if you plan to attend visa interview before your passport expires. This is what happens - You will get your visa stamped until your I-797 validity. but while coming back, you get I-94 until only your passport validity. After passport renewal - you might need to go to any POE locations again for I-94 renewal. 2) To avoid hassle & another trip for I-94 renewal, better to apply for passport renewal & attend for visa interview. so you get your stamping in your passport & I-94 until your I-797 validity.
  13. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    Visa stamping in Mexico from H4 to H1

    Posting a Myth Buster & more info Here : H4 & H1B are considered as same H visa category. I have confirmation email response from US consulate at Mexico about the same & many folks attended in mexico from H1B to H4 & H4 to H1B - COS stamping. Feel free to reach out to my email for further information. good luck !!! Similar applies for F1 to F2 or F2 to F1. (comes under same F visa category) etc., Posting recent visa interview question from mexico location. ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ H1B to H4- Change of status at Matamoros, Mexico Attended visa interview on July 23, 24 2018 ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Below questions were asked by the consular officer. Objective: Convert to H4 after H1B extension denial Consular Officer: why are u converting from H1 to H4. Me: My work permit extension got denied and I am currently out of status because my I94 expired. Hence, I am here for H4 stamping to have a valid status and to join back my family in the USA. Consular Officer: Are you going to work in US? Me: No, Since I am not eligible to work on H4. Consular Officer: Ok, Visa granted, come back and pick up the passport at 2:30 PM.
  14. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    H1B Stamping - Mexico Matamoros

    Please check this website, it might help. good luck !!! https://usvisastampinginmexico.com/
  15. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    H1-B stamping in metamoros mexico

    Please check this website, it might help. good luck !!! https://usvisastampinginmexico.com/