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  1. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    H1b consulate processing in mexico

    While filing your petition for consular processing, Attorney has the ability to select any location for you to attend visa interview. They do that by default to your previous visa interview location. But, you can go to any location to attend visa interview for consular processing (as long as that country allows H1B Stamping. Also, Did you get I-797B ? Check this link for more reference for folks who are in similar situation Visa Interview after Consular Processing
  2. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    Tijuana Stamping

    Feel free to drop me an email. Also check this link, might be useful for Visa Stamping in Tijuana Information Good Luck !!!
  3. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    H1B stamping in Mexico

    First time - H1B Stamping (F1 to H1B) not possible in Mexico (As both comes under different visa categories) Lets say if someone already has H4 stamping in passport (expired or valid) & now got H1B - Then 1st time H1B stamping is possible in Mexico (as already had H4 stamping in passport - Both H1B & H4 comes under same H visa Category. In your case F1 to H1B (change of visa category stamping) - it's possible in Home country or Canada.
  4. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    H1B Stamping in Matamoros May 2019

    As of now, May 29th is available, If someone cancels.... May 14th & 21st might open. June is not yet open until now. Check this link, might help to book visa dates in Mexico. US Visa Appointment Dates Booking in Mexico - Step by Step Process
  5. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    H1B visa interview location and expediting interview

    +1 Sometime.... Even if you find dates are booked, keep checking, If someone cancels & you can get the dates.
  6. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    H1B visa interview location and expediting interview

    Correct : Just adding some more info to this - Change of Visa Category Stamping is not possible in Mexico (F1 to H1B, L1 to H1B etc.,) But, change of status from H1 to H4 or H4 to H1B is possible in Mexico, as both comes under same H visa category. Change of visa category stamping is possible in Canada or Home Country.
  7. venkatramrm@gmail.com


    Please check this page, it might be helpful for visa fee payment or Send me any email for further info, Good Luck !!! https://usvisastampinginmexico.com/us-h1b-h4-e3-l1-j-o-mrv-csra-visa-application-fee-payment-process-in-mexico/
  8. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    H1 & H4 Dropbox - Hyd April 2019

    You should get an update sometime this week. Just Watch out for any emails too incase if they ask you to come for fingerprints etc., (Some cases they do ask for that)
  9. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    H-1B Stamping in Toronto (previously L-1B and H-1B/F-1)

    No issues, you can plan to attend in Canada
  10. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    View available H1B appointments before paying fees

    I was able to check dates for Tijuana right now & other location in Mexico, Please find below If you need any info / help for Mexico - drop me an email / Check this link Tijuana Visa Stamping
  11. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    Visa Stamping in Canada - DS160 Question

    Yes, you can attend without any issues. Just carry new DS160 to consulate, Once they scan your new ds160, their system will be updated with your latest details
  12. FYI, After getting consular petition approved, It's not mandatory to go the same location to attend visa interview as mentioned in your approval notification. I have seen many folks who got approved through consular petition (got I-797B) & went to different consulate other than mentioned in the approval notice. Contact me if you need further details, i can connect you with similar folks. GoodLuck !!!
  13. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    i140 from previous Employer - Can I go for visa stamp?

    You can go for stamping without any issues. I-140 from previous employer will not be a concern for stamping with your current employer
  14. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    can I got for visa stamping before current stamping expires??

    You can travel and attend visa interview & can come back without any issues.
  15. venkatramrm@gmail.com

    Emergency Travel to India on H1B

    Sorry to hear that, If this is not her 1st time h1b visa stamping in her passport, If she needs visa renewal stamping. Contact me, let me see what i can help. There might be a possibility to get dates sooner in Mexico (usually within a week) / Also there might be a possibility to request Expedited appointment too sometimes based on her current situation. For other folks, If you expect any such situations based on parents age / health etc., I strongly recommend folks to get the stamping(visa renewal) process done before either at one of the neighboring countries (either canada or mexico), instead of waiting for an Emergency to kick in to travel to home country & At that point of time ....finding visa dates become a hurdle for travel.