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  1. catmum Hi! I am extremely sorry for such a delay in replying you back. Actually I thought you are not going get back anymore and so I gave up the hope of any reply. I got an email on 16th of this month asking for my passport. I send them the passport on 20th of May and I am waiting for my passport to get back. Can you tell me how long did it take in your case to get the passport back once your administrative processing is over? One more thing, can you give me your email id so it would be easier to converse. Thank you.
  2. catmum Thank you for the information and congratulations on your visa. I just need one more information. Can you tell me the time frame they mentioned that this processing will take when you went in the visa interview? And on which date you appeared for the interview. Thanks
  3. @catmum Can you provide me your email address to me? Then we can share our common problems more frequently. Did they mentioned you any time that how many days it could take? Thanks
  4. @catmum Thank you for your reply. I am still waiting for any sort of reply. It is almost going to be 3 weeks on this coming Wednesday. I have to ask my professor to contact them if the process could be expedited. Have you got any sort of reply yet? Please let me know if you hear anything from them.
  5. Hi! t75 Thank you for your suggestion. It is an extremely big conference, the biggest in my domain. They do have a visa section to assist the student. I emailed them and the conference steering chair emailed the calgary consulate (the email given in the white 221(g) they provided). But apparently that email is only for the visa applicants whose visa is under administrative processing and email from any outsider is not allowed. I then asked them to contact the B1 visa section in the Bureau of Consular Affairs in washington but they didn't contacted them probably. The visa people in the conference said it is best to wait as it is impossible for someone from the outside to interfere in the government process and there interference even might slower the process. I just don't know what to do. It the one of the biggest opportunities in my life and I am gradually losing it because of this government procedures.I have few queries and hope if you could clear it. 1. Can you tell me which is the best place to contact or if you could provide me some contact address. 2. Shall I ask my professor to contact them to expedite the process? If yes, then which would be best place to contact. 3. They said that the process would be done within 3-4 weeks. Do they always keep what they said or it could take much more and they say it just for the sake of it. If they does what VO said then I am still fine.
  6. Hi! Thank you for your reply. I am not merely attending the conference. My paper has been accepted and I have to present the paper.
  7. Hi! Myself Sankha and I am student in canada. I went to Calgary consulate yesterday for a B1 visa interview. I am going for a conference in phoenix on 19th may. The VO asked me general questions about my work and research, how long I have been in Canada, then checked my CV, then she kept my CV and conference invitation letter and said that your visa is not accepted nor denied. There would be an administrative processing on your application and gave me a white slip and we would get back to you in 3-4 weeks. But I am going through the internet and seeing that there is no actual time limit for this kind of process. I am desperate need for help and suggestions. I am afraid that I might miss the conference. Any kind of help and suggestion would be extremely valuable and highly appreciated. Thank you