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  1. As its been 6 years, I think there is more chances of getting 221g. It does not matter whether you have I-140 approved or not. With my experience and friends went for stamping in last one year, I see few got 221g as they did not go for stamping for very long time. I recommend to go to India for stamping if you are travelling to India. If you want to go to canada or mexico only for stamping, I do not recommend. Also, your H1b is expiring in one month. Thats not advisable to go for stamping. Go after your extension.
  2. I got 221(g) few years back and stuck for 3 weeks in Mexico. During that time, I tried many means to expedite the process by sending multiple emails to consulate, contacting my attorney, talking to many friends, contacting Senator. In real, none of this really helped except waiting for the email or call from consulate. As I was in similar time zone CST of US, may be my case was resolved in short time compared to yours. When I contacted Senator office, I came to know that my case was in progress. Other than that, I haven't received any response. I think, they may not expedite the process. Still, I recommend contacting Senator office, they can be helpful. Also, ask your attorney for suggestions. Administrative Processing timelines varies from case to case. The status does not provide enough details, my brain exhausted thinking about it. All the best.
  3. Chris2013

    H1B Stamping - 221g @ Matamoros, Mexico

    Finally, I got my visa on 8th August. During my trip, I stayed in Best Western hotel at Matamoros. I stayed there for almost 20 days during this trip. Mr. Salvador was extremely helpful in all the means. All the hotel staff are pretty good. Everyone at the hotel helped me. Hotel rooms are very clean and Wifi is very good compared to other hotels where my other friends stayed. I 100% recommend Mr. Salvador https://mexicovisaservice.appspot.com/ for the visa services. Thank you very much to all of you for providing your comments and inputs.
  4. At Matamoros, everyone whose visa is approved getting their passports on the same day or one day later. I don't see any issues as of today.
  5. Chris2013

    H1B Stamping - 221g @ Matamoros, Mexico

    no update from the consulate. Whenever I request for the status, I am coming to know that case is pending. Yesterday, I came to know that consulate reached my client for verification for my job. I hope I will hear something soon. Also, other friend who got 221g (white slip) on the same day of my interview, got visa couple of days back and he left to US. I see some progress and hopefully, all the issues will be resolved and will get my visa soon.
  6. Chris2013

    H1B Stamping - 221g @ Matamoros, Mexico

    Found an interesting article http://www.****************.com/***********
  7. Chris2013

    H1B Stamping - 221g @ Matamoros, Mexico

    no update so far. Still, waiting.. :)
  8. backlog of issuing passports with approved visas almost cleared up in Matamoros,Mexico. Most of the people got passports with approved visas. They are all returning to US.
  9. Send an email with your complete information to TijuanaInfo@state.gov and ask them whether you are eligible or not. Phone: (664) 977-2000 (Dialing from U.S. 011-52 + number) More Info: http://tijuana.usconsulate.gov/contact.html
  10. Chris2013

    H1B Stamping - 221g @ Matamoros, Mexico

    day after day passing on. nothing much left in mind...just anxiety, hopes.. may be today or tomorrow.. not sure how long this process will take. so far, no replies from consulate for any of the 221g status request emails.. i am understanding the pain of everyone who gone through this 221g process. How uncertain the life becomes with 221g? just waiting ...
  11. Chris2013

    H1B Stamping - 221g @ Matamoros, Mexico

    First week over... hmmmm...heard that Visa Systems I took some opinions from ****.com site: http://www.*********.com/************* I am in touch with my attorney from my employer and will see how it goes? sreereddy99: I posted question "H1 & H4 Visa Stamping Mandatory together?" in www.****.com site to get inputs from various attorneys. You can find information at http://www.*********.com/************* You can consult your attorney before you plan for your visa stamping.
  12. Chris2013

    H1b stamping interview in New Delhi..221g white slip

    Did you get your Visa stamped or still waiting on 221g processing?
  13. People stuck up at Matamoros, Mexico from last 4 days without getting their passports with approved visa. Plan to reschedule your appointments. Otherwise, you may also get stuck in unknown place for long time.
  14. Chris2013

    H1B Stamping - 221g @ Matamoros, Mexico

    no updates so far. Also, the consulate systems are not working to issue any visas. Not sure when they are going to work again. How much impact of these system problems have on my case.
  15. Chris2013

    H1B Stamping - 221g @ Matamoros, Mexico

    Married. Have kids. I mentioned that my family didn't plan to go to India currently as kids are busy with various activities. I am along travelling to India. He said OK.