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    Maintaining Status While H-1B Petition is Pending

    Hello, I applied for H1 and my OPT is ending on July 12th 2014. 1. If my H1 gets picked in lottery and then denied ---> Can i transfer my Sevis and join a new university to maintain my status with in 60 days from denial of H1 or OPT end date ????? 2. Will universites issue i20 and transfer Sevis during grace period ??? 3. Since my OPT is expiring on July 12th , Fall classes wont start until August 23rd even if i get I20 by July end. Is it ok to wait until i join for fall semester ??? 4. Will not answering the RFE correctly or not providing the required proof result in denial of grace period ??? Thank you very much in advace!!