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  1. jay25oct

    H4 EAD processing time

    Hello All, I have a generic question about processing time. Applied for h1 extension +h4 extention +h4 EAD in March 20 in premium processing at Nebraska center. Received RFE on March 27. Employer received USCIS letter on April 8. Documents collecting for RFE took around more than 1.5 months. Employer planning to send RFE response on June 1. so my question is how much time now a days it take to process h4 ead application? I know premium processing clock will start again once RFE submitted. Not sure about h4 will be processed in premium. not sure about H4 and H4 EAD will be proceeded in premium. . I do not need any bio metrics. Appreciate response. Thanks
  2. hi what happened to your case? what was the RFE?
  3. jay25oct


    I agree but what other options h1bs have? go back to home country and search for job?If you are not aware but Almost every full time job , they dont sponsor h1bs. So as a h1b consultant I have no option to be on bench , my pay roll has to be run. and in that race to get a job asap we dont think about pay rate and all. In short have to signup with these EVVVVC model ,have to compromise with less pay rate and thats because of these desi companies. They are everywhere in market. Atleast some american mid vendors , they have decent rates but can not survive in low rate competition form these desi companies. So every time I finish one project for next project I can not expect good billing. sometimes there are such conditions where LCA salary and actually salary does not match. So employers will run payroll as per LCA salary and have to pay them back for extra paychek in a different way. There are lot of such tricks used by employers. So overall it starts from mid vendors not paying enough and keep the largest margin for themselves. So Can I at least send some tips based on below point? H-1B Fraud and Abuse Indicators Examples of H-1B fraud indicators may include: There is a wage disparity between H-1B workers and other workers performing the same or similar duties, particularly to the detriment of U.S. workers.
  4. jay25oct


    I do not have complaint against my employer, but have issues with mid vendor desi companies like TCS,wipro, etc. They are i mean report about mid vendors like tcs/wipro/ibm etc. i dont have problem with my employer. but these companies quote for less billing in market and by filtration consultant get paid very less. This abuse has to be stopped.
  5. jay25oct


    I am on h1b and working for a client through XYZ.( XYZ is not my direct employer). Is there a way to file a complaint against XYZ for under paying? Their marketing strategy is to get best billing rate from client and quote least billing rate for employee/consultant. As a contractor I am getting paid very less in hand after all filtered layers in between. These companies have destroyed market thats why every other vendors are offering less billing rates. I found below information on USCIS website Anyone (including both American workers and H-2B workers who suspect they or others may be the victim of H-1B fraud or abuse) can send us tips, alleged violations, and other relevant information about potential H-1B fraud or abuse. Please write us at ReportH1BAbuse@uscis.dhs.gov Individuals are also encouraged to report allegations of employer fraud and abuse by submitting a Form WH-4 to the Department of Labor’s (DOL) Wage and Hour Division. The public may also contact U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) by completing the HSI Tip Form. H-1B Fraud and Abuse Indicators Examples of H-1B fraud indicators may include: The H-1B worker is not or will not be paid the wage certified on the Labor Condition Application (LCA). There is a wage disparity between H-1B workers and other workers performing the same or similar duties, particularly to the detriment of U.S. workers. The H-1B worker is not performing the duties specified in the H-1B petition, including when the duties are at a higher level than the position description. The H-1B worker has less experience than U.S. workers in similar positions in the same company. The H-1B worker is not working in the intended location as certified on the LCA.
  6. In a situation where I 140 is approved , extension beyond 6 years approved, What happens to your green card priority date if you leave the US and return after few years? If I have some time left on 6 th year visa extension, can I use it after I return to US? Will employer revoke my i 140? If revoked do I have to apply for fresh h1b and it comes under lottery selection? Please guide me. thanks
  7. Port of entry does not matter. The only advantage you will get if you choose etihad air ways is your immigration will be done in Abu Dhabi instead of in USA. That means you don't have to stand in a queue for immigration in US POE and you can collect your luggage directly. Any way at any POE you will face same questions or may not face any question. Your first step is to get successful stamping in india. Hope this information helps.
  8. jay25oct

    H1 B change of Job, h4 ead

    Hello Friends, My current situation is as below I am on h1b and my project is ending soon. I have approved I-140 and waiting for h4 EAD (expected to get it by next month). Based on this scenario 1) If I get new project near by current location i know i don't have to file an amendment , but if new location is some other state i would have to file it. In that case i should file for h4 EAD again? 2)whats the duration of H4 EAD? Me and My wife's I -94 is valid until Sep 2019, So I hope H4 EAD will be valid until Sep 2019. But what will be validity in this case? 3) She can not work until new EAD is approved even though she had previously approved EAD? Thanks for replies.
  9. jay25oct

    Canada Visa for Visit

    It's not true . You need Canada visa unless you have US citizenship
  10. jay25oct

    RFE response delay

    Ask your employer to raise a ticket with USCIS. It happened to me. I think if you don't see updated status on case after 1 month or more , u should raise a ticket.
  11. jay25oct

    Filling H4 EAD

    Hello Friends, I am filling out i -765 form to file h4 EAD. I have i -140 approved, so just want to know in form I-765 which category i should select? Is it C 26 or c35 and c36 eligbility category? Appreciate your responses. Thanks
  12. jay25oct

    H4 EAD

    thanks. Thats what i was thinking and i have no way to figure out if he really paid to attorneys. on the top of that they have charged me extra 200$. i have to find out what this amount for. Employer said they have to send some financial related documents so you dont get REF. and thats the reason lawyers (liers) charged me.
  13. jay25oct

    H4 EAD

    Hello Friends, Just want to know how much is a total expenses to file h4 ead? I applied for my wife EAD through my employer and he charged me 610 (attorney charges) +410 (USCIS fees-I know this is mandatory)+200 (miscellaneous i am trying to get explanation for this ). All these charges genuine? Thanks.
  14. jay25oct

    H4 ead green card process

    thanks. I believe its same EB2 category ?
  15. jay25oct

    H4 ead green card process

    Hello all Just want to know how h4 ead can apply for green card. Is there a different process or category ? Eb2?