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  1. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    H1B status - Employer didn't provide any project and no payroll

    Yes you can get your money back, complain on WH4 to DOL and give all the evidence and show the proof that you have given money for your H1b and even if you are on bench your employer should pay as per the law so if you complain with all details and proof, this employer get punished, so before you leave to india please do this. https://www.dol.gov/whd/forms/fts_wh4.htm
  2. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    H1B revoke

    teach lesson to these kind of fraudsters, complain to DOL and give all details and email conversation and find some real employer and avoid shady companies.
  3. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    Recently in USA, can I do H1b transfer with one pay stub?

    Usually USCIS expect 2-3 pay stubs, but you can ask experts.
  4. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    Questions at POE - H1B

    You don't have to go for stamping, along with your old company valid visa show them the original copy of your new company I797 and you are good.
  5. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    PERM denied second time without audit

    Change job, find some good and reputed employer and file new PERM
  6. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    Need help with new H1B process

    1. You cannot transfer without approval, you have to work for the sponsoring company first before transfer 2. You need H1B approval package which your consulting company should receive and pay checks atlease 3 and rest everything new company should take care 3. i dont think you can do that but please check with murthy attorney, you can take 20 mins phone consultation 4. If it rejects you can apply next year 5.no, you cannot apply this year again please consult a attorney before just trust forums
  7. you need to have original I797 without that officer at POE can deny entry, ask your employer to apply for one more copy.
  8. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    I140 Rejection

    EB2 Based on BS Degree Equivalent Plus 5 Years Experience. Alternatively, EB2qualification includes a position requiring a U.S. bachelor's degree or its foreign equivalent and five years of progressive (i.e. post-baccalaureate) experience. EB3 Green Card Requirements To qualify for an EB3 Green Card, the applicant must have a permanent, full time job offer from a US employer for which qualified workers are not available in the United States. Professionals must possess a baccalaureate degree, or degree equivalent, that is required for entry into their occupation. Skilled Workers must be able to demonstrate at least 2 years of job experience or training. Other Workers must be undertaking unskilled labor that requires less than 2 years of training or experience. US Green Card applicants will also need to meet health and character requirements.
  9. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    140 in NOID status, chances of approval

    EB2 based on BS degree equivalent plus 5 years experience. Alternatively EB2 qualification includes a position requiring a US bachelors degree or its foreign equivalent and five years progressive experience.
  10. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    Employer change after perm approval before i140 filing

    if your previous employer is a consultancy (shady) i would suggest you not go back and if your second employer is good and real one then ask them to sponsor GC else move on to real good companies and start your GC so that you don't have to deal with RFE's, Audits and denials
  11. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    Perm in Audit second time

    your option is to find some good employer and transfer H1 and then start fresh perm. think about the future, you want to get denied and loose eligibility of 7th year h1b extension by staying with shady consulting companies or better move to good companies and you may be bit delayed in getting GC but atleast no audits and you can stay in USA by extending your H1 with approved i140
  12. Yes it will show up in your records and be prepared for tough interview and you might have to go through medical examination. you said you are filing new H1B through new employer so i dont think you are eligible for dropbox since employer changed you have to go through interview but again i might be wrong.
  13. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    H1B Extension PP sent to Wrong Service Center

    Check whether PP money is cashed or not and if not, then they will return your PP application and money and it will continue with regular processing. your attorney should aware of this where exactly to send package.
  14. No other option unless employer badly needs your skill-sets and experience. i won't recommend this to anybody but if the new employer is big and reputed company and direct employment and if you don't have any previous RFE's with USCIS and if you have all proper documentation, you can convince them by saying that you can start working on the basis of receipt notice but still risky, you may get RFE during transfer or it may get denied after several months of transfer process so you have options but up to you or you can schedule a quick consultation with Murthy and get suggestions from their very helpful attorney's.
  15. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    H1B Extension and Amendment Process

    you have to do new LCA and H1B amendment please read this - http://www.h1bwiki.com/h-1b-amendment-requirements/
  16. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    Re: H1B Extension Issue -- Premium to Regular

    Since your employer/lawyer made a mistake and returned i guess your's will go under regular processing but your company attorney can always get answers from USCIS, check with them.
  17. I agree you waited for too long and you might get RFE Unless you are in 6th year of H1B don't worry about i140 just move on to new company, lot of people do the same mistake and they stuck at same shady consulting companies just because they start GC early and that's their way to take advantage of people. first get good job and good employer and then think about GC anyway's it's a long queue for GC
  18. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    H1B Transfer issue

    Nope, you can't stay without payroll, Employer A did as per legal, company has to inform USCIS once you are no longer with them. Now you have to get paid by company B (even if you are on bench) and run payroll and then find some real company to transfer. Get help from murthy attorney's.
  19. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    H1B Extension Denied with RFE probably missing SOW.

    MTR is waste of money and time. Go with new company, avoid EVC, EVVC models, dont stick on to these kind of companies just for GC. Yes H4 EAD can work fulltime now and thats your alternative option, do COS to H4 and then apply EAD
  20. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    H1 is in transfer and old employer withdraws

    safe option find good real employer and start H1B transfer and if its a big reputed company with all proper documentation without any prior immigration issues then you can join new company on receipt notice but if you are planning to join some small consulting firms then its better to wait till transfer completes.
  21. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    H1B extension due in Aug'17 and H1b Transfer

    1. yes your new employer has to start fresh GC processlike PERM and once i140 approved your PD should be bale to port as previous one 2. If your new employer is very reputed and big company and if your are joining as FTE with no prior incidents with USCIS you can join based on receipt notice. If its a small consulting firm, i would not recommend to join anybody on receipt notice with the absence of premium processing. your new company has to transfer and extension at the same time.
  22. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    H1 Transfer

    That's risky, you never know once your company A informed the USCIS that your no longer working with them and for some reason if your H1 transfer gets rejected then it makes things complicated better start working after H1 transfer completes or your company B is very big and well known you can start working on receipt number since they will have good attorneys with them to take care.
  23. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    Employer not sharing Approved petition.

    you can complain to DOL. YOur employer has to provide all the originals to you. why your employer is not running payroll? no project? that means whatever document the company submitted is fraudulent. even if you are on bench your employer should pay you. Suggestion, find a real company dont go for another consultancy
  24. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    India Travel - May 2017

    no worries.
  25. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    H1B Employer not running payroll, transfer after April 2017

    are you new to H1B? please do some research before apply any VISA, without recent pay slips you will get RFE and it will get rejected if you say your employer did direct deposit to in bank but not running your payroll so i would suggest, work for same employer for 3-4 months more and ask him to run payroll and then find some real employer instead of shady consulting company. also i would recommend to contact immigration attorney from murthy.