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  1. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    H1B got revoked on 4/17/2017

    60 days grace period not applicable when USCIS revoke your visa so please consult murthy firm ASAP, any reason why your employer didnt to LCA and H1 amendment when you changed your employer and state? thats a big mistake from both your side as well as your employer side, you should've know that in advance, any time change of job or client and place should ask about LCA to your employer.
  2. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    Converting from EB 2 to EB 1

    yeah EB1 is not simple read this - https://www.uscis.gov/working-united-states/permanent-workers/employment-based-immigration-first-preference-eb-1
  3. Its not that simple please check out this link - https://www.uscis.gov/working-united-states/permanent-workers/employment-based-immigration-first-preference-eb-1
  4. You can start as soon as you both register your marriage in USA (may be courthouse marriage) but my question is when you guys married in USA what was your wife status then? H1, L1 or K1?? i would recommend to start process with a good attorney.
  5. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    H1 Transfer, got RFE , Employer not giving pay stubs

    first thing you should've done before even start your H1b transfer to emp B, is to complain about your employer A with DOL and which you didnt and no idea what was the issues with you and your employer A so now you started H1B transfer and if you don't send proper response your H1B transfer will reject and you will be out of status if your employer A dont take you back to work so please consult a good immigration attorney ASAP.
  6. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    Travel required to activate new H1B

    If i understand your question correctly, you have valid visa stamping till Sep 2017 from Company A but now you are with Company B with I797 valid Jan 2018 and you are in US now so in this situation you dont need to travel as of now, even you travel outside the country you can re-enter with valid comp A visa along with new I797 but after sep 2017 if you go out of country you need visa stamping so better apply CANADA multiple entry visa and go to Canada for visa stamping if canada is near by and you can do it anytime since its employer change.
  7. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    Travel on H1B

    Yes you can travel on your H1 and Puerto Rico you no need visa but for Bahamas its bit tricky make sure about visa before you finalize. without valid H4 visa its not possible to re-enter so i suggest to get visa stamped either in canada or Mexico before your trip.
  8. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    Previous H1B error may cause me big trouble, what can I do?

    and even GC could get into trouble so better start new H1B
  9. No, you cannot transfer denied H1b, better find real company rather than consulting firm, so that you dont have to worry about RFE's
  10. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    H1B Transfer:: Urgent :: Please Help

    yes, work for your current employer B for at least 2 months and get payslips and then initiate H1 transfer and note that your current employer should pay you even if you are on bench if not its a violation from your employer side and file a formal complaint with DOL
  11. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    Urgent H1B transfer issue

    I guess it might be related to your less pay for the month of Jan and Feb so consult attorney from Murthy
  12. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    h1 to F1

    1. agree with Shekar 2. your statement - Clear abuse of F1 visa (fraud), you should finish studies
  13. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    In USA on H1B and dependent (H4) is 30 weeks pregnant

    employer should pay you and your taxes even if you are on bench, please don't join shady consulting companies, find real employer. before they terminate you, find some real employer and transfer your H1B and you will be safe after termination both of you will be out of status and you cannot stay without job and pay on H1b, if you continue stay it will accumulate towards illegal stay and you might get banned for re-entry.
  14. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    Deported from SFO. Applied Visa Again F1

    Millions of people without proper documentation and getting into us by applying shady fraud universities and shady consultancies both are Same and some day both will pay price for their mistakes.
  15. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    OPT Extension Denied

    Hey joe even if you say 1000 times, these people don't listen and learn let them learn the lesson by paying huge penalty
  16. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    H1B COS from L1

    its common sense when you applied H1 from company B with COS your L1B is no longer valid and if you continue work for Company A on the basis on L1B (which is no longer valid) you are committing fraud and you will be in trouble so stop working on L1 company and find some real company avoid shady consultancies like your company B, i am pretty sure he submitted fake client letter thats why that project is no longer exist. Hey @JoeF you are absolutely right, because of these kind of shady employers and universities and fraud people who co-operate with those employers to get visa's, most of genuine candidates also go through some difficulties. i just login to this site just to read your replies man, good job
  17. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    H1B Revoked by Employer .. Currently Out of Status

    why did you changed employer when your H1 with emp A was still processing? based on your post above it took almost a year to approve you H1 from employer A and you changed to employer B even before your H1 from employer A got approved and its a big mistake. i think you have to leave the country.
  18. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    H1 Stamping Done in Vancouver - 18'th Canada

    Guys be confident and no need to worry, still Canada is better option for visa stamping if you have all documents. Even when i reached Blain, WA (USA Border) it was so simple, nothing asked, gave my passport, orange slip and I797 , he took everything and gave I94 with full visa date and done! so dont worry about other posts which says canada is not an option anymore and etc...especially if you guys are working in West Coast or North West, Vancouver is best but if you are working somewhere in east coast, i would suggest to go to Ottowa or Ontario.
  19. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    H1 Stamping Done in Vancouver - 18'th Canada

    If you asked that question to me then my answer is, i booked my appointment in first week of October a month and half ago, first i booked and i got it for Nov 25th but i dont wanted Nov 25th because lot of holidays and they i will be stuck here for more than 3 days so i was keep on refreshing that page and every day around 2=2.30 PST i.e. around 5-5.30 EST you will see some cancellations so i re-booked my appointment on 18th to do that you no need to cancel existing one there is an option to re-schedule interview. My passport is ready to pickup now, today early morning i.e. 20th Nov 1 AM i got email from loomis with way bill number and it said its not ready for pick up but now i checked in https://usvisa-info.com/en-CA/selfservice/p and it says its ready to pick up with way bill number. Thanks,
  20. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    H1 Stamping Done in Vancouver - 18'th Canada

    i got my visa approved on 17th Nov 2014 morning 7 AM. Only one counter was opened and same questions and same set of documents for everybody, i was 5th person and all of them got visa approval. VO: Good morning me: Good morning VO: Checked my pasport and I797 & asked Paystubs, Employment letter, Client Letter, Drivers License and LCA Me: Provided Paystubs, Employment & offer letter, DL and LCA and i said i don't have end client VO: Asked to whom you work for ? me: XYZ company but all our clients are internal because my ABC is my parent company and one of the second largest digital ad and media company and we do analytics for all our internal companies.and she said ok (Since i am FTE and its a well known company, she didn't worried much about client letter, but for others she was asking and its mandatory, if your client denied to provide client letter then print the email from your client and submit) VO: How long you are working for this company. me: said since Sep of this year VO: What's your designation? me: QA Manager VO: What's your salary me: answered as per my LCA VO: tell me about your job and what your company does? me: answered VO: your visa is approved and you will get a email from Loomis with waybill\\ me: Thank you. Still i am waiting for passport, still my status is showing as Admin Process. Has anybody got any updates?
  21. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    Query H1 B Stamping after employer change

    Thanks for the quick response!!
  22. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    Query H1 B Stamping after employer change

    Hello Everyone, I came to US with employer A and worked till Jun 2013 and Then joined Company B and started working on EVC model but i didnt go for stamping with company B visa because my Company A visa was valid till Aug 2014 and i went to India and came back based on company A visa and Company B I797 without any issues. Now in Aug 2014 i changed employer and joined Company C which is full time in a big company. Now i have my visa stamping appointment on 18th Nov 2014. so do you guys think i face any issues since i skipped company B stamping and going for company C stamping within 1.5 years? Appreciate your help! Thanks,
  23. Don'tAbuseVisa's

    H1B Visa Stamping - Corp to Corp

    Hi All, Currently i am working for a client A through approved vendor company B and my visa holder is company C. Now i am planning to go for my H1B visa stamping in Canada, so can anyone share their experience would be great. I have following documents with me. Old I797 New Company I797 I129 End client letter with their letter head All company offer & experience letters Education certificates Sub contract between company B and C (between my visa holder and middle company who is vendor at the end client) so can i go for stamping or not? Thanks,