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  1. Your wife should not have any problem at all even though you have DUI if she goes alone for the stamping . Her Ds 160 will not have any thing to  specify that  "have you been arrested or convicted " option so she should be good.

    i am not sure about the situation if you both go at the same time, if the VO makes you both to stay then she has to stay too. its up to VO i would say.

    I would say send her first to the interview so that you are good from her side. May be ask her to stay more time.

    For your end you have to deal with 221g and the panel physician check which should be done in 1 week to 2 weeks. The only thing is your process will get delayed.

  2. Hello Everyone

    I have applied my H1B through an employer XXX and the employer is not taking care of the RFE(which has to be responded before oct 25) which was sent by USCIS. He neither tells me what the RFE nor replies to USCIS. He says that he is going through the application one by one with the lawyer. He provided my an application number to check the H1B status which shows the applicaition is still in process and now i am not sure he provided me the correct App No

    I am on my OPT now and in cap-gap and want to know if i can work post oct 1 2017  when the H1 B is in processing ?

    Is there any one who is working with this employer and in the same situation ? Please respond. 

  3. Hi guys ,


    I have my visa appointment on November end in Ottawa .However I have a dui which i got in November  2013


    I have completed all my required actions ordered by the court 


    I have all my documentation with me along with all the court Letters, PO permission Letters and all the necessary Services Certs completed as Part of probation. 


    I just want to know if someone can share their  experience if they have gone through the same in Ottawa consulate.


  4. Hello folks


    I am on my H1 B status and was in a situation where i got into DUI/OVI on my record which happened last november 2013 in Ohio. As my BAC was high i couldn't get DUI/OVI reduced to a physical control or reckless driving .i am having OVI on my record which got resolved On march and will stay on my record.


    I am now having plans to go to India this july.

    so where am i supposed to go to stamping ??

    Is it OK if i go to india at this time ??

    Its been so many years since i have been to india. so need to go to india to visit parents.


    What is the physician panel test's that the doctors going to do ?? what kind of test is that


    Whats the probability of getting visa?

    I am very much scared of my situation what's going to happen to my stamping at the embassy.

    After building such a nice career this thing suddenly came up and making ripples to my life :(


    Need some valuable suggestions from you guys.