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  1. hello everyone, I am currently on H1-B completing my 6 yrs in US. I came in US back in '08 with Company X as a mangerial postion but with L1-B visa, before coming to US I was working with same company X on the Managerial role with 7 team members reporting. When my L1-B expired after 5 yrs my company has applied H1-B, My company X has filled my GC with EB2 cat. now I got my I-140 approved. I have a question as I am working as Managerial position in India and US, I have 15+ yrs exp., If I could able to convince my employer to file my case under EB1 Q's are 1. With the above situation, is it OK to file EB1 cat with H1-B ? 2. If my employer file with EB1 and somehow it gets rejected what will happens to my current EB-2 will that be also rejected ? 3. I should go for L1-A first and then go for EB1 is it best approach ? Answers would be appreciated.