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  1. web2naseer

    H1b stamping Tijuana

    Fill the Ds-160 and head over to US consulate, tijuana website and follow the steps
  2. web2naseer

    H1b stamping Tijuana

    Hi, Wanted to check if anybody is travelling to Tijuana for H1B visa stamping on July18-19, please let me know. You can reach me at ******************atgmaildotcom Thanks Naseer
  3. web2naseer

    When to start GC processing

    Thank you for the reply, when my employer starts the process will he be doing only for one person or will it include both? thanks
  4. Hi Guys, Me and my wife hold a H1-B visa and work for different employers. Can we apply for a GC together? and we want to change our status to Married and how can we do that? Thanks
  5. web2naseer

    H1B stamping on May1st 2014 in Ottawa,CA

    hi Abdul, I don't see your email ID. contact me at myusername at gmail dot com
  6. web2naseer

    H1B stamping on May1st 2014 in Ottawa,CA

    Thank you HANISH22
  7. Anyone for the same date who has the interview scheduled?
  8. Is Anyone going to Ottawa on May 1st for thier H1b stamping? if yes, then please let me know. Thanks