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  1. Hello Community, Recently my H1B Transfer has been approved. Along with it ,my Spouse F1 to H4 COS & H4 EAD were approved. I am joining the new company next week, There will be no payroll generated until for a month. My spouse has an H4 interview in first week of may. Shall I document the previous employer pay checks ?. can my spouse hand over the these to visa officer if they ask for paychecks? Thanks, S
  2. SilverFall16

    221g White Slip Vancouver

    Hello, Where is your First Stamping done ? . Please post us your interview experience . Did they ask you any documents? Thanks, Sf
  3. Hello Friends , I am planning to get my H1B Extension stamping in vancouver . I had my first H1B stamping couple of years back in vancouver . Is it suggestible to to get it done again. I know things have changed from last couple of years to now. Please share me your thoughts and experience. Thanks, Sf
  4. SilverFall16

    H4 to F1 COS

    Hello Jairichi , Thank you for responding. Here is what the university SEVIS coordinator sent. which means all the time we studied in any of the visa's below can we counted towards the 9 months full time study . Of course you need to study 9 or more credits to meet the full time student status. is this makes sense ? Pre-SEVIS legacy INS Operations Instructions [iNS Operations Instructions 214.2(f)(14)(ix)] stated that to be eligible for practical training, an F-1 student need not have been specifically in F-1 status while studying, provided he or she was lawfully enrolled as a full-time student at a service-approved school in another nonimmigrant status that does not prohibit full-time study. For example, persons who were attending school full-time prior to changing to F-1 status as J-1 students, or as the dependents of A, E, G, H, J, L, O, and TN nonimmigrant categories, could use the time they spent studying in that status towards meeting the 9-month requirement. Aliens attending school full-time in violation of their status (INS viewed this as applying to principal aliens in B-2 status, for example) could not take advantage of this provision. The current regulation at 8 C.F.R. § 214.2(f)(10) contains wording which has allowed this policy to continue, but it has never been officially reinterpreted by DHS.
  5. SilverFall16

    h4 to f1

    Hello Monica , Did you call USCIS . What was their response ? . Did you get your approval ?
  6. SilverFall16

    H4 to F1 COS

    Hello Team , I firstly thank Murthy forums for providing the platform to discuss important immigration details . It help me a lot during my H1B stamping. I am looking for some answers for below questions. My wife got admitted into the one of the public universities this week for graduate studies . We are planning to Start COS from H4 to F1 from the Second Semester 1) The course work is only one year ( four Non stop semesters ) and it will end in next September . How many months does he need to be in F1 in order for her eligibility for OPT ? 2) University website says this - Means she needs to be in F1 for nine months or 9 Months as a full time student ? I see few posts as 9 Months as full time students can access OPT period post graduation irrespective of F1 Status , like COS in last semester will work ? If you are an F-1 student in lawful immigration status, you are entitled to 12 months of OPT for your program of study. You can apply for OPT: after you have been a full time international student for nine months 120 days before or within 60 days of graduation 3) Is it better to apply COS or directly got to canada or Home country to get stamped after she finishes a semester ? Thanks.
  7. SilverFall16

    I94- Wrong Information

    Our I94 Expires on Sep 2016 , Same day as my H1B expires.
  8. SilverFall16

    I94- Wrong Information

    Hi , My Wife Came to The US in OCT 2013 on a Valid H4 Visa . During the time of her she was not issues I94 We checked online and retrived I94. Recently , We traveled to Canada by Land . At the Canadian border we got Canadian Admission stamp but the officer did not take my I94 ( Issued During OPT arrival). I had my first H1B Stamping and during the return at POE Officer took my old I94 , Issued me a new card and stamped my passport. MY wife passport was not stamped , So I went and asked again why her passport was not stamped,he showed me the Admitted stamped ( She got on her first arrival) which had validity until my petition.After a week , today I have checked the travel history of her , it shows her latest departure Date as XXX June , But there is no arrival date Does this need to be Notified ? My case , my travel history shows the Departure and the Arrival Date the same Does this need to be Notified ? If I need to take action , How can I proceed Thanks!
  9. SilverFall16

    Jamaica vs Vancouver ?

    You never know when VO asks for client Letter and it does not make any difference between and Jamaica and Vancouver . You have to carry all Documents to be safe.
  10. I had appointment at 9:30 AM , Went in queue line Around 9 AM . Receiver Said you have appointment at 930 , but I will check in you . Please stand in the Line for security checkup I have waited for 30 Minutes . They are allowing 5 to 6 people at a time. Look around all others approximately 100 people were just carrying their DS160 and Passport , I am The only person there with a Huge bundle and single person for H1B Visa. After security check up they Took with passport and DS160 confirmation made into a small bundle with a band ( do not remove this ) . gave finger prints and Security guy escorted to 20th floor and I have been seated for interview . I see Counter No 5 is moving very quickly . I thought I would be lucky if I get that counter . to my Surprise my token was called to that counter . I went in ME : Good Morning Visa Officer ( With Smile and Confidence) and gave passport and I797 VO: Good morning How are you ? ( He was not even looking at me) ME : I am Good Sir ?. How about you ? VO: I am Good . Is this you first H1B? ME : yes Sir VO: Who Is your Petitioner ( He was still typing) ME : Told VO: Where do you Work ? ME: I work at my Client Location XXXXX VO: Oh ! There Good VO: How Much is your Annual Salary \ ME : told VO: Did you Study here in the US ME : Yes sir , UNiV XXXX VO: Majors ? ME : Told ( Non -IT) VO: Masters Right ? ME : yes Sir VO: What is your Role ? ME : Told ( title) VO: give me Your LCA , Pay Stubs and Drivers License ME : Gave VO: Barely looked into those and Checked the work location in LCA VO: Typing for 30 seconds ( No questions asked) VO: Took a Pamphlet and green paper , look at me and Said . Your VISA was Issued . Please go through your rights in US ME : Thank you very much Sir VO: You are Welcome That is it , All this happened in 2 minutes . Respond with a confident tone. Vancouver Consulate is very friendly . I was the only one for H1B Visa there for 2 hrs. Got my passport today 06/19
  11. SilverFall16

    Some doubts on interview questions

    My visa was approved in Vancouver this Monday . VO asked me where do I work . I said I work at my client location . Later after few questions he asked lca pay checks and license . While he was checking LCA. He pointed with his finger at work address. Indeed they check your LCA for work location and salary
  12. SilverFall16

    Successful Stamping at Vancouver - June 17th.

    Hi Naren , Did you Receive Your passport ?
  13. I came across this question while filling DS160 Form Are there any persons Travelling with you ? Yes or NO My wife was accompanying me to Vancouver , she already has H4 stamping . I am the only person attending the interview. In this case Shall I mention as 'Yes' or 'NO' ?
  14. SilverFall16

    H1B Stamping - ReScheduling

    Hi Team, I am Scheduling Appointment for H1B Stamping with Vancouver consulate . How may times we can reschedule Visa Appointment Day ? Thx, BVNC
  15. SilverFall16

    H1B Stamping - ReScheduling

    Hi , How may times we can reschedule Visa Appointment Day.