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    Skilled tradesman

  2. canadatoushopefull

    Skilled tradesman

    so if the Tn is out, does that just leave me with the H-1? My concern with the H-1 is availabilty and cost for the employer. The small businesses that I would work for do not have the resorces that the large tech giants have.
  3. canadatoushopefull

    Skilled tradesman

    Been reading on the O visa, I am a good tech but nationally acclaimed might be stretching it a bit. lol
  4. canadatoushopefull

    Skilled tradesman

    I should probably point out that my trade is automotive technician. Might be grasping but possibly a Tn visa under scientific technician? (theoretical knowledge mechanical engineering with the ability to solve practical problems)
  5. canadatoushopefull

    Skilled tradesman

    I am a skilled tradesman from Canada looking to re-locate to the US. I have looked into the job market in my target area and my skill is in high demand with several Employers showing strong interest hiring me. Most of these employers run small businesses and have been looking actively for people with my skill set in the US before without having any luck. I am currently unemployed in Canada and would like to take one of these opportunities sooner than later. What options do I have for visa's and/or permanent residency?