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  1. Hello, What are the pros and cons of EB-2 regular vs EB-2 NIW? My current company offered to sponsor regular EB-2.However, I am thinking of pursuing EB-2 NIW with outside law firm because it is easier to switch jobs and even if I take a break. 1) During H-1B extension (after 6 years), will it be problematic to extend H-1B as the company didnt apply for green card? 2) Do I have to be physically present all the time in the USA until my I-485 is approved and received green card? or can i leave the country and wait and come back when the dates are current! FYI: I am from India, so the wait times for EB-2 is huge. Thanks
  2. raminenisandeep

    Going for visa stamping on OPT with job

    I would like to know more about this too. I am also planning to go for F-1 Visa stamping. My F-1 Visa got expired in 2013. I was student till 2014 and then started working in OPT. I am in OPT extension now and am thinking to go to India.
  3. So, the only advantages of NIW category are Can change jobs easily without worrying about transfer of I-140. No need of permanent job offer. And the rest remains same as normal EB-2 category. Correct me if am wrong and please add any additional advantages.
  4. Hi, If we applied for NIW category and got our I-140 cleared out, do we need H-1 Visa to work in until dates become current and apply for change of status? If we do not have H-1, are we allowed to stay in the USA till change of status ? Can anyone throw some light on this area ? Thanks
  5. raminenisandeep

    Volunteering in a company before graduation

    Thanks... I understand that mostly I may not work. If at all there is possibility, I have to talk with my DSO and see what they says.
  6. Hi, I got an opportunity to come and volunteer at a company which could help me gaining experience and strengthen my resume. I am really close to my graduation like few months away (finished all work and just got I20 extended till I find a job). Can I go and volunteer at the company. Is it legal and will I face any problems in future? Thanks