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  1. Hi All , Much appreciated your reply , Here is my current scenario I am on L1B visa and currently working XYZ company and they asked me go back to India in another 10 days. As I mentioned I have valid H1B petition from ex-employer which is active and I found a project who are ready do H1 transfer with the ex-employer but they told i cant join untill H1 transfer is completed. So lets say I quit my current job on 9th day with current XYZ company and meantime fill my H1 transfer in perimum processing , Can I stay in country for 5 - 7 days until its get approved??? Pls help
  2. Hi All, I have question , I am currently working on L1B for A company and I have a valid H1B petition from ex-employer (not revoked & not expired (valid for 6 more months) . Lets say If I do H1B transfer to XYZ company and once its approved , Can I continue to work for my current employer A on L1B??? Pls clarify Much appreciate your response. -Dino