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  1. sweetyhoney

    H1B -> DUI & Jail overnight

    Thank you for your reply. I have hired both immigration & DUI attorney's. It's a stress time. what do you mean by Physicians ??? do you have any special check ups ?
  2. sweetyhoney

    H1B -> DUI & Jail overnight

    Hello, I am on my H1B going to hire Immigration lawyer & looking for H1B friends experiences I have DUI on Sep 23 mid night 12 am & rejected breathing test. I have been put in jail from early hours 3AM to 2 PM & then released. Lawyer got "Physical Control" with 0 points in negotiations + Fine, 3 day program + suspension for few months. I requested for Reckless driving for non alcoholic related not sure what will happen. I am worried will my finger print come out during my VISA stamping & will there be any challenge in VISA stamping & POE. If any one are having same problem please share your experience.
  3. sweetyhoney

    Visa Stamping and DUI

    Can you please update your VISA stamping experience ?
  4. Hello any update about you case ? am also in same situation
  5. sweetyhoney

    OVI/DUI Charge Reduced to Physical Control

    I am also in same boat, have you travelled india ? did your license got reinstated
  6. sweetyhoney

    Visa Revoked - Boarding Denied at Home Country Airport

    Did you attend the VISA Interview ?? Can you please share your VISA stamping experience.
  7. Hello, Can you please kindly share your VISA experience details. In which city you attended the interview
  8. sweetyhoney

    H1b RFE processing time

    @tppt: ------------ did you get any update on my case. My case is still Inertial review, am tensed about the result
  9. sweetyhoney

    H1b RFE processing time

    I am also in same stage. My employer submitted on Apr 02, status update to Initial review on Apr 11. Tensed about the result