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  1. rvk2ab

    Second time stamping with DUI

    I have put step by step details in my previous posts. Links are in the above comments or check my profile You cannot take an appointment in advance for Physical panel . Consulate will have to refer you with a case # . Case # will be on the 221 G form and panel physician form. Only with that form you can go to an Physician evaluation
  2. rvk2ab

    H1B stamping and DUI

    I was in the same boat for second stamping after DUI. Please read my experience in the below post. I think i got lucky this time. Go with an assumption that you will be sent to Evaluation
  3. rvk2ab

    Got arrested for dui

    First finish all the court legal proceedings. Hire best lawyer to get the best outcome. yes your visa will be revoked. You should have/ will get an email from consulate of your last stamping. Visa stamping should not be an issue for 1st DUI. But again consult an attorney before leaving the country as every case is different. Read posts of my stamping experiences from my profile Also please post your experience diligently at every step so that it will be helpful for others
  4. rvk2ab

    Second time stamping with DUI

    They sent my evaluation report along with the stamped passport
  5. Hello Everyone, Just wanted to update my experience of Second time H1B stamping after a DUI in 2013. Please find my post regarding my first time stamping experience in the below link Its been more than 5 years since my DUI and i had gone through panel physician evaluation during my previous stamping . My DUI is expunged now. I had my biometrics on Dec 3rd and Visa interview on Dec 4th in Chennai. Visa officer first asked all the standard question about my job ,comapny ,salary , Location and number of years with my company. Then she had couple of questions regarding my DUI. When it happened and what happened. I told her what happened and told her its been expunged now. She realised i went through stamping after DUI. She asked for court documents and previous physician evaluation report. I gave her both the documents. She went inside and checked something with someone else. After coming back she said she will have to scan my documents and need 1-2 days to evaluate if i need to go through physician evaluation again. She kept my passport also with her and gave me a blue slip with a case # on it. I thanked her and left. After 3 days my Visa was issued.
  6. rvk2ab

    DUI and h1b extension 2018

    Congratulations! And thanks for diligently posting updates .
  7. rvk2ab

    DUI and h1b extension 2018

    Good Luck! 👍
  8. rvk2ab

    DUI and h1b extension 2018

    From the RFE . Looks like they are looking for 'If not, kindly provide the certified copy of completion of alternate sentencing document" '. Once you complete your Community service in California , Sentence Alternate program will issue a completion certificate. And court also uses that as evidence. Isn't it enough for you to respond for this RFE. Just trying to bring that to your notice
  9. rvk2ab

    DUI and h1b extension 2018

    I agree.. @2018h1bextension was pretty clear. And ofcourse there can be some confusion based on how people interpret the post. Lets try to ease the situation and hope it will work out well for @2018h1bextension. Good Luck
  10. rvk2ab

    DUI and h1b extension 2018

    You must have done community service instead of jail. Show them that evidence. Since if you are FTE and if you took leave for community service then you will be able to pull report Good luck
  11. rvk2ab

    H1B renewal after DUI - Admin Processing

    First things first , Please come back and post your experience once you get your stamping done. Many once they get their Visa do not bother to come back to the forum and post it. That is rude and do not help other's . Please come back and post your experience. I had posted my experience @ Chennai consulate from 2014 . Once your Medical Evaluation is done , Apollo will send Consulate the documents in 2-3 days. Once Consulate receive the documents they processed my Visa in 5 days and requested my passport for stamping. I sent them the passport and received it back in 5 days with the stamp. I have put the detail timeline in my post , look for it in my profile Good Luck!
  12. I was in a similar situation back in 2013. Went to stamping in India Chennai consulate within 1 year of the arrest. I was asked to go for physical panel evaluation and later approved my stamping. Hopefully this helps.
  13. rvk2ab

    H1B stamping with DUI

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to update my case on DUI H1B stamping. First of all i wanted to thank Murthy forum for some valuable inputs and especially couple of members @longtimelurker who responded to email personally and sent some valuable Sugestions. Below is my experience. DUI incident September 2013 I am a FTE to Fortune 20 company. Did lot of consulting and research for H1 B stamping with DUI . And my stamping date was within 1 year of DUI incident. Note : There are couple of posts in the forum which says Stamping will not be given if its within 1 year. I consulted couple of attorneys and they said thats not a problem. And i asked the Visa officer directly about this see below for his response. H1 B stamping . 1) Bio-Metrics date : 28 April 2014 2) Visa Interview : 29th April 2014 Below are the question;s asked to me 1) VO : Asked for my passport and DS160 Me : Handed it over to him 2) VO : Asked did you have encounter with US Law enforcement Agency on xx date Me : Yes 3) VO : Handed over a 221 G for Psychic evaluation and he said i will have to undergo some medical test. He saw me being worried so Visa oficer told me you dont have to wry, we do it all the time and you shuld be fine. 4) Me : I said ok and smiled. And i asked my incident is within year is that an issue with my visa? VO : No issues as far as i know, if there should be one please let me know and he smiled.And again he mentioned you dont have to worry . 5) VO : whats your salary Me : xxx 6) VO : handed over the 221 g . He mentioned Documents will be sent to us by the medical centre. Everything looks fine in your case and i am approving it pending Medical Evaluation. Once we recieve Medical reports we will send one more 221 g which will ask you to submit the Passport for issuance. ME : THANKS. Do i have to submit any other documents along with my Passport? 7) VO : We dont need any other Document , just your passport. But you are free to send any document you might have with you. Me : smiled and thanked him. i was also given my case tracker. VO was very pleasent and gave lot of assurance I got my Medical evaluation done same day. My Medical Reports were sent on 1st May 2014. I got a 221 G on 8th May to submit my passport for issuance Submitted my passport on same day. Recieved my passport with stamping on 15th May. Note : for a breif moment in my case tracking status showed as "refused" . It might be a system error. @ POE.. I had to wait for 1 hour for secondary inspection. THey check if its only DUI or you any other arrest records. You should be fine if its only DUI Please feel free to reach me for any question or help. I have done lot of research for this issue i can definetly be of some help if you are in the same situation. Thanks and Good Luck
  14. rvk2ab

    H1B stamping with DUI

    @lonetimelurker Can you please brief me your situation. I am in Same boat as you. Which consulate did you go? Whats the status now? Thanks