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  1. Hello All, I am on F1 visa and it's expiring on September 2019. My H1B petition approved in May 2019 but Change of status (COS) not approved. My question is – I am planning to go to H1B stamping in early August, Can come back to the USA on F1 Visa if some issue or delay in H1B stamping? Thank you & I appreciate your help.
  2. Hi All, My current status is OPT Extn and it is expiring on Feb 2019, My H1B petition approved but COS denied. my question is - does H1B transfer allowed to the different employer (assuming that employer ready to transfer)?
  3. reddy99

    F1 to H1 Petition approved but COS denied

    Thank you all the responses, its resolved.
  4. Hi All, I am on OPT Extension and it is expiring on Feb 2019. I have applied for H1B and the petition approved but COS denied due to travelled internationally during my petition is in progress (yes, I had to go to India for a family purpose). My questions are - 1. Can you please let us know my current status. is my F1 status continue as it is? 2. I have contacted the college, they said that my student automatically completed dude change of status approved. Can you please share my next steps and current status? Thanks Reddy.
  5. I am in Vancouver BC, I got 221g on Monday(08/08) for past employment verificaion. please reach out to me @*******************@gmail.com
  6. Hi All, I am on H1B Visa ,Working for X Seattle based company . My end client location is Florida and I am currently working from end client location(Florida) , I got to know that my current company(X) haven’t filed my amendment yet after I change my client and work location( FYI- I changed my client 2 months ago) I recently got full time opportunity in some other company. I really liked the offer and the company ready to transfer my H1 immediately . My question- am I face any issues during my H1 transfer as my current company haven’t filed my amendment yet if so can you please provide your suggestions to go the my H1 transfer smoothly ? Note : No pay check running at my new location(Florida) . its still running with my old location (Seattle) Please any help in clarifying the above question is really helpful. Thanks, Reddy,
  7. Hi All, I got my F1 visa approved for accredited university on May 23, 2014 in India . I traveled to USA on Aug 21st,2014. ( my College summer semester was begin on May 8th and Fall begins at Aug 28th ) . But immigration officer said that My i20 was cancelled on July 8th 2014 so they are revoking VISA and sent me back to India. now I checked with the college- they confirmed me that college accidentally issued fall i20 instead of summer i20 ( for your info- I had applied I20 in Feb'14 ) now college justified this situation in letter format and issued new i20 for this fall with last day of reporting as sept 13. (previously its Aug 28th ) Now my questions are : 1. As my Visa revoked do I need to go to Visa again if so what things I need to make sure. what percentage of getting visa ?? 2. please let us know your suggestions here. could you please help me here and getting entry to US. Thanks, Reddy.
  8. reddy99

    H1B extension / transfer

    Hi All, I am on H1 now and working for a reputed company. I completed masters in 2010 and I was applied H1 under master quota in 2012 , H1 got approved till October 2015 and recently completed stamping too. Now my doubts are: 1. I came to Know that my university which I was completed master is not accredited. Is there any issue if I transfer my H1 or next year H1 extension ?. Can you please provide suggestions. 2. My employer ready to File GC so Can I apply GC in EB2 or EB3 . Please any help in clarifying the above things is really helpful. Thanks.