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  1. Hi I work with a large corporation as the Director of Analytics on H1B (8th year, on I140 with PD dated Sep-13). We are not a consulting company and I work as a full-timer with decent salary in Texas. I've been presented an opportunity for promotion which might come with a mandate to take a leadership rotation which involves spending 3-4 years in EU. While I have to figure out what I do with my house, cars etc., I wanted to know what happens to my GC process, prospects of coming back, what it means when I come back after 4 years etc., The role is a band up and is still full-time but with one of the EU offices. The role is enticing and I feel this is the only time I can do this but I'm worried about immigration processing if and when i return to the US. Anyone else in the same boat? If you're, what did you do with your house, mortgage etc., I hate to sell my house but if that's the only option, then I'll have to work it out. This might be a dumb question but my knowledge level on this is limited and thus posting it- if you feel it's dumb and don't want to answer, please pass on instead of mocking me like they did in another forum. Thanks! Jay