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    H1b Stamping in Vancovur on 08/13/2018

    Hi Iam going there on 20th Aug.
  2. Hi I currently live in US. I had a DUI back in 2012 in US. I applied for Canadian Visitor Visa in 2014 and got approved luckily (not sure how). I booked my H1 Visa Date in Nov 2014 and traveled to Canada. (No Issues at Border Entry in Canada Vancouver). In the H1 Visa Interview, the interviewer said, since its less than 5 years since your conviction date of DUI, i have to send you to physician for Medical Tests. Got that done and submitted the results in envelope to the consulate in the next 3 days. Visa Approved 2 days after online. Returned to US with second inspection at the US port of entry and few basic questions. This is Jun 2018. I am thinking to go back to Canada again for my H1B Visa for 2nd time. Anybody know if there is any changes to the process at the Canadian border or if i will face any issues at the Canadian border or if i will be sent for Medical Tests again by the Interviewer? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. HI sxj0701 I have my date on Nov 18th in Vancouver. I am not sure when this notice was posted but i found that once i get my date booked, i can go.
  4. Hi there, I have my Visa appointment on Nov 18th as well. Let me know if we can share the accommodation. Call me on **************.
  5. Hi sk9683, I am on the same boat, had my DUI in California Dec 2012 and convicted in court Jun 2013 and trying to go for h1 stamping to Jamaica. I am done with everything like DUI Classes and Community service but I am still paying the fine through payment options and will get it done by this month. After i pay the whole fine amount i will collect the papers from Court that says my case is closed and dismissed. Now that i am working as a full time employee for a big company in California itself. My question is, I want to know in which case they ask for Medical Exam and which case they don't. I heard if the DUI is with in last 12 months, they ask for medical exam. Was your case just a random one, or they never ask for Medical Exam in Jamaica as long as you submit case dismissal papers. Please share your thoughts. --prasad