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  1. hbadger

    F1 reject with 214b

    Hi, Here is my situation. Can you please help me understand next steps? I interviewed for my F1 today at Chennai. Here are the questions: 1. Why masters now? A: build skills and help me grow in my career 2. Who is going to finance your education? A: I am using my funds and an education loan. Gave details. 3. How many universities did you get an admit for? A: Told her the 4 I applied for of which I have 3 admits. 4. Have you worked in the US before? A: provided details. VO said rejected and have a 214b. Any idea why? can I apply again? What do i have to keep in mind the next time I apply? What are my chances? please help. thanks, Nitya
  2. Hi, I am being promoted from IC to a people manager. My company attorney suggested we amend H1B and restart GC process. Has anyone gone thru this process? I am frustrated that I have to go thru this 1.5 year process just to come back to where I am today with the I140 being approved. Any statistics to suggest that RFE's are higher for H1B amendments? Thanks
  3. You can work for non e-verified employer for the first 12 months. It becomes a problem when you go for OPT extension. I dont think you have any issue. But I am not a lawyer.
  4. hbadger

    H1B to F1 to OPT to H1B

    1 - yes 2 - H1 Lottery - No 3 - If its a full time course, you should be on F1 when it starts - I am assuming your employer will not pay for you to go to full time school.
  5. Changed to issued today - Jan 11.
  6. Just learnt that they put her stamping under 221g and provided no details. I asked if they wanted any document and if there is a case ID. They just provided a case ID. Very strange. This has put a spanner in our plans with her return not possible now.
  7. Hi, VO said nothing of 221G or such. It was a 30 second or less interview and VO confirmed H4 was approved, but still the delay. When was your interview?
  8. Folks - any inputs/insights? We are flying this Thursday and no sign of the passport. Who do we contact? She has had a H4 issues previously.
  9. Hi, My wife had her H4 visa interview on Jan 2 and the visa was approved. They asked her: Where does your husband work? How long have you been in the US? Have you had any issues with your SEVIS ? (my wife did her MS, worked for sometime and is now taking a break to look after our kid) She had no problems that we are aware of. caec site still shows status as AP and case last update on Jan 2 which is when her interview was. Is anyone else in the same boat? When can we expect an update? One of our friends had her H4 interview the same day and she already received her passport. Any insights or information is appreciated. Thanks, hBadger.
  10. Hi, I will be going for my H1B stamping (H4 for wife) to Chennai soon. Can we take our US born 11 month old Infant along with us? We are not from Chennai and we dont have family/friends in Chennai to leave our baby. If you had been to Chennai for visa interview with your infant, please let us know. Thanks, hBadger
  11. Hi, I have an H1B approved with employer B and I start with them on Oct 10. I am right now working on OPT with employer A. When should I quit employer A? Oct 1st? Or Can I work till Oct 7th? Appreciate a quick response give the timelines. hBadger
  12. Hi, I have an OPT and an offer from a company. I recently had a baby. In order to make the full use of the OPT unemployment time, I gave the start date as one week before completing 90 days. As my baby was sick on the date of joining, I could not join the company and the company were nice enough to provide another start date which is ~1 month out. The company has also filed for my H1B (which was selected in the lottery) which will become effective starting Oct 1. Given this situation, can you please help provide input on what are my options? - Can I stay in the country until the new start date? - Can I look for volunteer positions in the meanwhile? - Can I look for other jobs while I wait? - Given that I have 1 week left, and it might take a few days to find another job - how will this hurt/help? - Can I be self employed? Any inputs are appreciated. Thanks, hbadger
  13. hbadger

    B2 Renewal after I-130 is filed

    Her visa was issued without any issues. We did not even have an interview. Just drop box. People on the forum have to be positive and provide the right info - not pass unnecessary comments or say anything if they do have anything valuable to add. @jairichi / @JoeF (a valuable life lesson as well). Thanks for the support @pontevecchio
  14. hbadger

    B2 Renewal after I-130 is filed

    We filed in 2013 and she spent 3 months in US in 2014 - so no problem at POE. Keeping fingers crossed and hope there are no issues.